can i eat mayonnaise during pregnancy

Can I eat Mayonnaise during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a pretty difficult time for most women, not because of health complications, but because of all the food related restrictions that are imposed on the pregnant woman. What’s more, due to changes in hormones, most women are also likely to face unforeseen problem with food; things that you once loved to eat would certainly make you nauseous, and food that you consumed on a daily basis would lead to horrible digestive issues. Mayonnaise, for instance, is quite commonplace in the dinner table today; it is included in many preparations, and consumed as a condiment with many dishes. Normally, you would not think twice before eating some mayonnaise, but what happens when you are pregnant?

Associated risks

The problem with mayonnaise lies in the fact that it is sometimes created from raw or unpasteurized eggs. Pregnant women are advised against eating anything that is raw or undercooked because eating such foods increase the risk of contracting food related illnesses. Such illnesses may range from mild issues such as stomach upsets and diarrhea, and can become full blown dangerous diseases such as listeriosis. Listeriosis is a pretty rate illness that affects pregnant women; however, it is a dangerous one because it affects the unborn child through the umbilical cord. Listeriosis is caused by a bacteria called listeria that grows on uncooked or undercooked food; the older the food is, the more the chance of the bacteria thriving on it. A woman affected with listeria will feel only a mild discomfort associated with nausea, but it can led to severe complications in the pregnancy, leading to stillbirths, miscarriages, preterm deliveries, and congenital defects in the baby.

Buy from the store

However, that does not mean that you will have to refrain from eating mayonnaise completely during the nine months. In fact, there is a good news about mayonnaise; it is one of the few foods that you are advised to eat bought off the shelf and not cooked at home. Store bought mayonnaise is usually made from pasteurized eggs and treated with preservatives, so there is very little to no chance of listeria pr any other kind of bacteria growing on it. All you need to do is ensure that the stuff has been packaged recently; the longer it has been sitting on the shelf, the more unsafe it is probably becoming. Buy the fresh product that has only just been prepared and packaged. For safety issues, also check the ingredients carefully for the kind of eggs that have been used and the other ingredients used to make the mayo; it may contain something that you have become allergic to or is harmful for the pregnancy.

Avoid making at home

Do not try to make mayonnaise at home during those nine months, which you probably would not anyway, since cooking is probably the last thing on your mind. If you do intend to make a batch at home, however, make sure you are buying pasteurized eggs. Keep the kitchen clean when you are making the mayo, and the utensils must be sparkly clean as well. An infection can spread from anything that is even slightly contaminated, so it is important that you keep everything completely hygienic at all times.

Hot and little

Eating hot mayonnaise is probably unheard of, but that is something you have to get used to during the nine months of your pregnancy. Even if listeria will not grow in the store bought mayonnaise you get, there might be chances of other kind of bacteria growing on it. So, a good idea would be to heat it up considerably before eating it. Also, make sure you are not eating too much of the stuff at any point; mayonnaise is very high in calories, and will lead to a lot of unwanted weight gain if consumption is not carefully measured. So, if you have been in the habit of dipping everything in mayonnaise all your life, cut back on the indulgence. Unnecessary weight gain is extremely harmful to the pregnancy, leading a host of complications that might well be irreversible. Apart from the high calorific content, mayonnaise also has a lot of cholesterol, which is unhealthy for both you and the baby in your womb.

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All said and done, there is nothing to suggest that you will not be able to eat any mayonnaise during your pregnancy. The trick to eating it is, like everything else, careful consideration and moderation. Do not overindulge in your mayonnaise fascination, and always consult your doctor before you think of putting mayo in your food. The body changes immensely during pregnancy, and it might be rejecting food that you have been comfortable with your entire life.

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