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Car Travel During Pregnancy – Is It Safe?

How Safe Is It To Travel By Car During Pregnancy?

Traveling is not an issue for most of the women under normal circumstances. It becomes stressful when you are supposed to travel during pregnancy. It is quite obvious as after getting pregnant, you need to think about the safety of your baby too. Though there is no harm in traveling at this time, yet most of the pregnant ladies chose to be on a safer side and avoid traveling during pregnancy. But what will you do, when it becomes urgent to travel? To help you out, we have provided some important tips that will make your travel a safe, and convenient experience.

What can make traveling unsafe for your baby?

There are a few things that make traveling a little tricky for pregnant women. It can be difficult while you travel on narrow and rough roads or move away from highways. Also, a lack of facilities like eating joints and hygienic restrooms can make it a stressful experience for would-be moms.

What time is not safe for traveling for a pregnant woman?

The initial and the last few weeks are not safe for travel. So, it is better to avoid that time. Generally, the doctor advises a pregnant woman to take complete rest during that time. So, if any travel is planned, try to avoid it during that time.

Tips to have a comfortable and safe drive

Though it is the best decision to avoid traveling during pregnancy till you deliver baby, if it is urgent, you must be well prepared and follow below tips to ease your travel experience.

Hire a private car: This is a good option as you will have the freedom to stop your car whenever you feel the need. During pregnancy, you feel the urge to use washroom frequently. So, you may require to stop at shorter distances to visit the washroom. This travel option allows you to take frequent bio breaks whenever you need it.

Let someone else drive: Traveling during pregnancy can be a stressful experience for a mother. It is advised to let someone else drive the car. This will help you pay complete attention to yours as well as baby’s safety.

Stretch your legs: Sitting in one position for a long time can cause cramp and swelling in your ankles and feet. To avoid this discomfort, it is suggested to take a regular break in every few hours. This becomes very much essential when you are going on a long journey. Stretching your legs at periodic intervals of time and getting out of the car to refresh will ease your trip.

Wear the right clothes: You must wear loose, and comfortable clothes and shoes or slippers to avoid any discomfort during the trip.

Wear a seat belt: This is the common question among pregnant women, whether or not they should wear a seat belt. Health experts suggest wearing a seat belt every single time you travel. You need to take good care that the seat belt doesn’t feel very tight on your bump. It should also not be loose. Adjust it in a way that it is firm and comfortable. By wearing a seat belt all through your trip ensures that both you and the baby will remain safe from any harm.

Stay hydrated and nourished: Drinking a lot of fluids and a good quantity of healthy snacks is necessary at the time of pregnancy. Don’t let travel interfere with your diet.

Use cushions for support: During pregnancy, a lot of women suffer from back pain. Also, if it is a long journey then you are very likely to develop a backache after sitting at one place for a prolonged time. Thus, it is advised to use cushions to support your back and prevent pain during travel.

Carry first aid: You may feel the need for pain reliever medicines, and anti-motion sickness pills during your travel. Thus, it is advised to always carry a first aid kit along with you while you travel.

Drive SLOW: It is a very important instruction that you need to follow to stay safe. Rash and fast driving can put your baby at risk.

Communicate about your travel to your doctor: It is really important to keep your doctor updated about your health status and travel plans before you leave for a trip. He may give you some safety tips and suggestions to take the best care of your baby at this crucial phase.

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Being pregnant doesn’t imply that you need to refrain yourself from appreciating the good things in life. Taking short breaks or going on a long drive is beneficial for a mother to be in a happy mental state. All these tips will help you have a good time while ensuring that your baby remains safe and protected throughout the travel.