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Vaginal Smell During Pregnancy – Causes & Remedies

Vaginal smell is a common observation in pregnancy. It is quite normal to happen in pregnant women. A women’s vagina goes through several changes to make it ready to deliver the baby. But not many know that it also acquires a distinct smell.

Like in other symptoms of pregnancy, one of the major factors behind it is a surge in pregnancy hormones in the body. This article will tell you about reasons for the occurrence of vaginal smell and ways to treat it safely.

How Safe Is Vaginal Odor During Pregnancy?

Vaginal odor can be quite embarrassing and unpleasant sign of pregnancy. Around sixty-five percentage of expecting women experiences such type of odor in their pregnancies. It happens due to different bodily changes that happen in the body in pregnancy. This makes it quite normal to get vaginal smell in pregnant women. However, the intensity of this odor can vary from one woman to another. It can range from mild to strong.

Reasons for vaginal smell in pregnancy

You may be curious why is it happening to you. Vaginal happen can be due to one reason, or a combination of below reasons. When you learn about these causes, you can take effective measures to control the problem.

Hormones: Pregnancy involves increased secretions of hormones in the body that leads to different types of physical, and emotional changes in the body. One of these is strong odor from vagina. It is due to high amounts of estrogen that assist in the growth of the developing fetus and his delivery.

Changes in Diet: A pregnant woman feels craving for certain types of foods that can contribute to the smell of urine. There are certain types of foods that contains vitamins, and nutrients that may result in a distinct smell like ammonia. Some of them are onions, asparagus, brussels sprouts, and garlic.

Supplements: During pregnancy, your body needs good amounts of vitamins like folic acid, Vitamin B 12, and other supplements like iron, calcium etc. Intake of it can also cause a change in the smell and color of urine.

Dehydration: If you drink less than required amount of water during the day, then it is definitely going to make you dehydrated. Due to lack of water, your urine will get concentrated and it will result in strong smell and dark color. This is one of the reasons behind vaginal smell.

UTI or Urinary tract infections: Another important reason for vaginal smell is bacterial and yeast infection. Increase in sugar content in body, and imbalance in bacterial concentration in the body are two important factor that can cause vaginal smell. You have got a UTI if you experience any or all of the below-mentioned conditions:

  • Feeling burning sensation or pain while urination
  • Instant and extreme urge to urinate
  • Cloudy, or dark urine
  • Pain in pelvic region or lower abdomen

For safe, and healthy growth of your baby, a woman needs to keep herself free from infection. This requires that she consult with her doctor about the condition and get immediate assistance.

How to prevent vaginal smell in pregnancy?

If you find an unbearable smell, then below are some of the easy ways that will help you give relief from it to good extent.

  • Practice good hygiene. Keep the genital area clean using unscented medicated soap, antiseptic products and luke-warm water. Keep the area dry at all times using clean tissues.
  • Stay well hydrated by drinking water, coconut water, freshly prepared unsweetened fruit juices, butter milk, vegetable soups, etc. This will not just prevent vaginal smell but also help you deal with constipation effectively.
  • Wear clean undergarments, preferably the ones made from cotton.
  • Eat more of healthy probiotics that will help in killing harmful bacteria in intestine.
  • Do away with cosmetic products, aromatic soap and other types of feminine products as it can cause vaginal irritation and fowl smell.

When should you take medical assistance?

If you notice strong vaginal odor that is accompanied with itching, burning sensation, redness, pain, unusual change in urine color, and irritation in vagina that does not reduce even after performing above measures, then you should reach out to your doctor at the earliest.

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Vaginal smell is quite normal in pregnancy and there is nothing to worry about. The problem subsides on its own when you deliver the baby. With the help of above remedial measures, and precautions, you can reduce vaginal smell to good extent. However, if you find pungent vaginal smell is associated with a few skin disorders such as irritation, itching, redness etc. then you must immediately seek medical assistance.