can i eat cashew nuts during pregnancy

Can I eat cashew nuts during pregnancy?

Cashew nuts are a rich source of a large number of nutrients. As such, they are mostly considered healthy foods for most people. Things, however, change a lot in pregnancy, and many people would not feel comfortable with the idea of consuming these nuts during those nine months. The hesitation finds even more ground in the fact that peanuts are often on the list of avoidable foods for pregnant women for fear of contracting peanut allergy or passing on peanut allergy on the unborn child. Although the validity of such cases is still a matter of debate, the hesitations remain. However, cashew nuts are actually good for the health and can be more or less safely consumed. In this article, let us see the health benefits of eating cashew nuts during pregnancy.

Contains iron

First of all, cashew nuts are a very good source of iron. Iron is one of the most important minerals required by the pregnant woman. The pregnant body is required to produce a lot more blood than usual, and the hemoglobin content in the blood increases with the help of the iron. If enough iron is not consumed by the body, enough hemoglobin will not be produced, and the woman will experience an unusual amount of tiredness. High levels of iron deficiency can lead to complications in the pregnancy, and may even stunt fetal growth. Adequate iron levels will also ensure that the woman does not suffer from anemia, which is a common condition during pregnancy.

Healthy fats and proteins

Not just iron; cashew nuts also contain ample amounts of healthy fats and proteins that are important for the health of the pregnant mother and the healthy development of the baby. An ounce of cashew contains around 4.3 mg of protein and 13 mg of healthy fat. The good fat allows the mother to remain energetic and deal with the physical stress that comes with carrying a baby in the womb. Besides, this good fat also lowers the risk of cholesterol deposition in the pregnant woman, keeping the heart healthy and the pregnancy uncomplicated from weight or cardiac issues. The proteins break down into amino acids which are essential for the healthy development of the fetus.

Contains Vitamin K

The requirement for growing blood is also supplemented by Vitamin K, which is again found in ample quantities in cashew nuts. Vitamin K helps in the proper coagulation of blood, without which a simple cut or scratch would lead to massive amounts of blood loss. There is about 9.8 mcg of Vitamin K in every ounce of cashew nuts. Ideally, you should be consuming about 90 mcg of Vitamin K during your pregnancy, so having a healthy amount of cashew nuts will certainly meet some of the daily requirement quotas.

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Might be allergenic

It must be remembered, however, that even though cashew nuts are very good for the health in general, and even better for the pregnant woman, it is best not to start eating them before consulting the doctor. Every pregnancy is different, and it is essential that you have a customized diet chart made out for yourself. An allergy test is also in order, as you might have a mild allergic reaction to cashew nuts if you are allergic to poison oak and such plants.

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