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Coronavirus Precautions To Take During Pregnancy

Just as flu, women in pregnancy need to take safety precautions to save themselves from coronavirus. Doctor advise to take preventative measures that includes frequent washing of hands, and avoiding infected people. As coronavirus is spreading throughout the globe, pregnant ladies are much more susceptible to catching this flu.

Coronavirus and regular influenza acts in the same way at the initial stages. Its common symptoms are significant body aches, and flu. According to Dr. Joey Adashek (specializes in maternal-fetal medicine) the major difference with coronavirus is that the chances of getting pneumonia gets increased. This can become more dangerous during pregnancy.

If you were immune-deficient at the time of catching pneumonia, then the possibilities of dying due to this infection are greater. It will also pose danger to the unborn child. The major issue for the fetus is that it fails to get the desired amount of oxygen that it should get. Due to which in mothers that are infected with the coronavirus, and pneumonia, the chances of stillbirth are higher.

Another important risk posed due to coronavirus in pregnancy is very high fever. In the initial three months of pregnancy, when a patient suffers from a fever (greater than 103), for a longer time, then there are risks related to neural tube defects like a spina bifida.

The only way by which your body’s temperature can increase to that extent is when you have a bacterial or viral infection. When you lack the ability to fight against the infection and you are pregnant, then you are more likely to get fever, and it severely impacts your fetus too. As per one of the expecting moms, in addition to hand washing, and avoiding contact with sick people, getting a flu shot is also effective in lowering the risk caused due to coronavirus.