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Here’s How A Dentist Can Help You Get The Perfect Teeth

A perfect smile is something everyone aspires to have because it adds sparkles to your personality. People with full straight teeth seem to exude a high degree of confidence compared to others.

With so much at stake with having perfect teeth, you might want to get your teeth whitened because you do not wish to compromise on your social life or professional success!

There are many DIY or do-it-yourself options, but it is advisable to consult a dentist before you go ahead.

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Ways in Which a Dentist Can Get You the Perfect Teeth

Your dentist would be the best person to give you the proper assessment of your teeth’ health. Here are a couple of ways in which a dentist can help you:

Dental Cleaning:

A rigorous cleaning by your dentist is the first step to getting perfect, white teeth. This process removes the stains on the surface of your teeth to give them a whiter appearance. Your teeth will be brighter, and your enamel smoother after the dental hygienist polishes your teeth.

The effectiveness of your teeth whitening treatment will be far greater if you undergo dental cleaning first. The reason for this is gels provide better results on teeth that are smooth and stain-free.

Custom Trays for Teeth Whitening

Once the dental cleaning phase gets over, you should discuss the teeth whitening options with your dentist. Even though it is always tempting to go for the DIY alternative for whitening your teeth, but remember the best option is still to go for professional teeth whitening because you might damage your teeth with the former option!

To create an impression for an upcoming event, your best bet is going to a dentist to get a quick teeth whitening treatment. There are customized trays for teeth whitening used by the dentist. Your teeth are treated over several weeks with a low-strength whitening gel.

There are many hacks when it comes to the best teeth whitening, but the fact is that your dentist is the best solution.

Treatment at Night

The best time to get teeth whitening treatment using custom trays and teeth-whitening gel would be at night before sleeping.

Getting the treatment at night means lesser chances of staining and gives your teeth more time to re-hydrate. The whitening is more effective, and your teeth are healthier.

If you visit your dentist for this treatment, find out how your teeth can be nourished and replenished post-treatment. Your dentist can provide solutions like gels or similar products to prevent dehydration.

Orthodontic Treatments

Your dentist can help correct your teeth if they are not correctly aligned through orthodontics. After inspecting your teeth for the reasons for poor alignment, the orthodontist will recommend a suitable solution. It could be jaw splints, braces, retainers, or any other option.

While the conventional braces were not very aesthetic, invisible braces or clear aligners are available today are very popular. Though they are the same in principle as traditional braces using brackets, wires, and aligners, the invisible braces use clear, removable aligners.

Jaw splints help in stabilizing your jaw that allows you to improve the look of your teeth.

Dental Caps:

When your teeth are stained or severely damaged, a dental cap or crown is used by the dentist. There could be chipping, cracking, wearing down, or damage due to cavities.

The placement of a dental crown is not very complicated. After cleaning and preparing the tooth, the dentist fits a crown over it. By acting as a case over your tooth, the crown protects you from further damage.

There are both cosmetic and restorative advantages of getting a crown. The appearance of your teeth improves, and your teeth are also restored. When you have multiple teeth that need replacement, crowns are used in combination with dentures and bridges.


Your dentist can also help improve the appearance of your teeth through veneers. These are custom-made porcelain or plastic shells that are fitted to the front of your teeth. The use of veneers can improve the alignment, color, and shape of your teeth.

The treatment gives your teeth a cosmetic improvement. The process of fitting veneers is simple. The dentist first makes a mold of your teeth that requires veneers. The veneer is fabricated with the mold.

The final stage of the process involves bonding the fabricated veneers to the teeth using tooth cement.

Dental Implants:

Your smile improves, and so does your oral health as chewing your food or cleaning your teeth becomes easier. Dental implants are mostly for people with one or more missing teeth. The best part is that dental implants have the same life as your natural teeth!

Your ticket to perfect teeth could be composite bonding if you are suffering from crooked edges, cracked or chipped teeth, and tooth decay. The material used for this process is the same color as your teeth.

The area that is infected due to the tooth decay will be drilled out by the dentist. It will be followed by the application of composite on the tooth surface. The composite is then shaped and polished to ensure that it matches perfectly with your other teeth.

Your teeth are repaired and also get a healthy look.

Inlays and Onlays

When the damage to your teeth is moderate, or there is insufficient tooth structure for the dentist to carry out a filling. If the cost is less, an inlay is used. For extensive damage, it is the best solution. Both these types of indirect fillings are made of composite resin.

With indirect fillings, the shape of your teeth is restored, they are more robust, and damage or decay is prevented.

Your Dentist Makes Perfect Teeth Possible

Whether you need teeth whitening or any other procedure, always get it done by your dentist. It ensures good health for your teeth and a long-lasting solution. It is also essential to mentally prepare yourself for all the procedures and ensure that you follow all the prescribed guidelines.

Get those perfect teeth today!