baby moving in utero

How To Get Your Baby Moving In The Womb?

Babies start moving around in the womb around the twentieth week of pregnancy and it is excitement all around. Once the quickening begins, mothers cannot wait to experience baby movements all the time. You keep feeling your tummy wondering when the next kick (or even hiccup) will come around and take you by surprise. As the pregnancy progresses from the second to the third trimester, you can do a few things to induce and increase fetal movements. Just a few little tricks will get your baby moving around in there making you smile.

Here are some simple tricks you can try:

#1 Eat something

pregnant eating donuts

There is a reason why you do not give too much sugar to children and it is not just the worry of diabetes. Sugar spikes kick babies and children into overdrive. When you consume a snack like a cracker or drink a glass of healthy juice with no added sugar, your blood sugar levels surge. You become more active, and so does your baby. Everything that you consume passes through the placenta and is absorbed as nutrition by the baby. So if you feel that things are pretty quiet in there and you want to get your baby kicking and moving a bit, just take a snack! Instant results in fifteen minutes or so.

#2 Poke around your baby bump or give it a slight jiggle

pregnant touching her belly bump

You don’t have to be rough with it but if you are wondering what is happening in there and want to say hello to your little one, lightly prod the bump. Just poke around slightly even or jiggle it a bit and you will for sure perk things up and wake your baby. Be very careful when your brother round and do not poke very harshly. Keep things light and if you do not sense any movement, try again but slowly. This is a trick that is often used by medical professionals who are doing your scan. You will notice that they use the ultrasound wand to stimulate movements.

#3 Talk to the baby

dad talking to pregnant mom's belly

Getting your baby to move into utero may seem like a tough task. However, if you have been constantly talking and cooing to the baby, it won’t go in vain. If your baby is around 22 weeks old or more, talking to the baby may trick the baby into moving around in your uterus. This is because the fetus starts developing hearing abilities from around week 16 and by week 22, the baby can start hearing your voice and other sounds in your surroundings such as music and maybe even the TV.

So, if you want them to move, once they are about 22 weeks old, talk to them and whisper sweet nothings; probably sing a lullaby too!

#4 Musical movements

loud music during pregnancy

Try singing a lullaby or playing some music that is pleasant for the baby. Make sure that it is not very loud because your baby’s ears are just developing and you don’t want to risk anything. You can sing to your baby. Your baby recognizes your voice and they will start to respond to it around the same time that their movements generally increase. Studies have shown that hearing their mother’s voices and different auditory stimuli, pleasant or otherwise can induce movements in babies in the womb.

#5 Shine a flashlight on your belly

Babies respond to light sooner than they do to sound. Flash some light on your belly. Babies perceive the difference between light and dark by the time they are 22 weeks old in the womb. Nobody likes having light shone at their face when they are asleep even if they are just week-old fetuses. You will notice that the baby moves away from the source of light to protect the eyes and get back to sleep. By annoying your baby just a little bit like this, you will get the reaction that you need and be reassured that everything is OK.

#6 Jumping Jacks: But not for cardio

We guess it is kind of obvious how this would wake a baby up. This is especially useful during scanning if you are not able to get an accurate image of the baby. You will generally be advised to take a light jog or do some light jumping jacks in the hallway without any assertive movements. When you come back and sit down, the baby would have rolled into a different position or would have woken up and started moving around. Either way, you will appreciate some kind of activity after you are done with your ultra mini-workout.

Use the second and third trimesters of your pregnancy to bond with your baby and form a special relationship by using their sensory perceptions to your advantage. Talk to your baby, sing to them and let them know that everything is OK by being happy around them. Be careful though, too much movement is not something to worry about. But a lack of movement for prolonged periods should be taken seriously.