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How To Recover From A C-Section?

If you are planning to welcome your baby with a C-section surgery, you can find all the relevant tips in this article. 

Giving birth to a baby is perhaps the most joyous moment of your life. When welcoming your baby, you almost forget that you need to recover from a C-section surgery. Many women don’t pay enough heed to their health but need to give themselves a chance to heal from it. Your body needs to recover physically after having gone through abdominal surgery. You must rest well so that you can heal better. 

We have listed a few tips that can make the healing process faster for you. Let’s check them out! 

Drink Water 

Water is the key to good health. It supports your body to maintain healthy functions. When you consume plenty of water, you reduce the chances of getting constipation and support a healthy milk supply that can be beneficial in breastfeeding. You need to keep your body hydrated if you want to repair the abdominal region quickly. 

If you keep forgetting to drink water, keep water bottles scattered in your house so that you are reminded to drink water easily.  

Take Your Medicines On Time 

Don’t skip your medicines as they provide you with the energy to take care of your baby whilst recovering from the surgery. Consult your doctor to find out the effects of these medicines so that you can take them without any fear. Your doctor may prescribe you a painkiller or other antibiotics that can help repair the wounds faster. 

Even if you don’t want to take the painkillers, you can keep them close to you for an emergency situation. 

Keep The Abdominal Region Dry And Clean 

Not every mother can look at the incisions because they leave deep marks on her body. Well, even if you cannot look at them, you need to keep them very clean and dry since they can be easily infected. Wear loose clothes so that they don’t touch the incisions. There are plenty of products like C-section underwear that can prevent any rubbing in the area. 

Take extreme care whilst dealing with surgical wounds and in the case of any redness or pus, contact your doctor immediately. 

Walk But Don’t Run Or Lift Heavy 

As soon as you leave the hospital and are back in your comfort place, start walking gradually. Visit the washroom and take a stroll around your room at least once a day. You might feel discomfort in the beginning since you just underwent major surgery. However, start walking once you think you are ready. Take the support of furniture or any other tool for balance. It helps to increase blood circulation in the body and allows you to naturally heal. 

At the same time, don’t overburden yourself and start running around in a couple of weeks. You need to strike the right balance during the recovery stage. Also, refrain from lifting heavy objects as it can put stress on your wounds. 

Eat Healthy 

We know you might be craving a high-fat diet but restrict your cravings. You must consume nutritious meals that deliver vitamins, minerals, and proteins to your body so that you recover easily. Although consuming these nutrients is beneficial on any normal day, their importance triples during the recovery stage. 

You can have salads, soups, herbal teas, fruits, green leafy vegetables, and so on. Also, include fiber-rich foods in your diet as they can reduce constipation. 

No Stairs! 

If you have stairs in your home, avoid them at all costs. At this point, stairs are not your friend. Many doctors restrict you from going up and down the stairs as it might exert pressure on the abdominal region and delay the recovery process. 

In order to avoid stairs, you can seek help from your family members by making them run errands for you in the house. Otherwise, you can prepare to keep all the stuff you need in one place so that you don’t have to look here and there. 

If taking the stairs becomes inevitable, keep a pillow to tackle discomfort.  

Keep Pillows Around You 

Light pillows can prove to be your best friend post-surgery. They are an excellent way to counter the pressure caused by certain activities. For instance, if you feel like sneezing or coughing, keep the pillow immediately on your pelvic region so that you don’t feel the pressure. These activities can cause pain in the abdominal region after which you might feel some serious discomfort. Putting a pillow on the region muscles might make you feel less comfortable.

Rest And Rest 

Last but not the least, allow your body to rest. You have been through so much in the past 9 months that your body needs to rest for a while now before becoming active again. Resting promotes recovery and allows your body to repair tissues faster. You don’t necessarily have to sleep whilst resting. You can simply drink tea or read a book on the bed to calm yourself. 

C-section surgery might sound very easy but a woman goes through a lot of pain and discomfort during this time of her life. This makes healing and resting after the surgery highly important. 

You can use these tips to heal yourself better so that you come back stronger than ever!