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7 Things Pregnant Women Do That Might Affect Their Babies

When a woman gets pregnant, she receives love and affection from her family and everyone around her. What comes along is several suggestions and ideas from so called experienced people. Some of the suggestions are right as they stem from experiences while others do not have any legitimate ground. Even some of the myths seem funny as well as hard to believe This also makes a mother perplexed as she cannot decide what to believe or what to not. But don't you worry as we have compiled a list of some dos and don’ts for your convenience. Check it out and please leave a comment if this article does not fail in bringing you the information that you were looking for!

Eating too much sugar

eating ice cream during pregnancy

High sugar intake impacts on the intellect of the baby. According to a study, this habit can affect the memory and learning abilities of your infant. That is why an expectant mother should consume less sugary products. In lieu of sugar, you can opt for healthy alternatives. For example, you can eat jaggery which is tasty as well as healthy. Also, instead of chocolates and sodas, you should rely upon fruits which are anyway a healthy choice.

Ignoring your heightened emotions

pregnancy emotions

Pregnancy causes an imbalance in hormones and this becomes the cause of getting emotional over minor things. Depression also kicks in when a pregnant woman faces these issues. Other symptoms of extreme hormonal changes and depression are loss of appetite, faded inclination towards any activity and experiencing excessive sleep. You should definitely not ignore these signs and watch your heightened emotions otherwise it can affect the health of your baby. Consulting a doctor regarding your uneasiness or finding help in your family can cure the issue.

Too much rest

pregnancy inactive

Some mothers are told to have a complete rest during their pregnancy. There is nothing wrong with taking enough rest but if this lifestyle makes you overweight, it can impact the process of natural birth of a child. Also, an ineffective lifestyle impacts the normal fetus growth. That is why it is recommended that you should indulge in some mild exercises for example, pregnancy yoga and simple walking. This will also help you keep yourself sane during this emotional rollercoaster and your mental health will also be improved. Please be in touch with your doctor to monitor your pregnancy and never miss any appointment.

Eating for two

first trimester diet

The myth about eating for two and then eating more than required is so pervasive. The fact is, during the initial period, you do not need to make many changes in your diet as long as your typical diet includes enough nutrients and an adequate diet. Eating when you feel hungry is what you should follow. However, during the third trimester, nearly 200 calories more should be included in your diet.

Consuming raw milk products

raw milk pregnancy

No doubt that a pregnant lady should include calcium in her diet which is crucial for the baby’s health. A mother should only take care of one thing, while she intake milk, it has to be free from any kind of bacteria. Therefore, she should avoid raw milk as it contains a bacteria called Listeria . This bacteria is harmful and can cause major issues such as miscarriage. To avoid any complications, it should be heated well before you drink it.

Too much caffeine

coffee pregnancy

It has been proved that Caffeine travels through the placenta and fastens the heart rate of the baby. If your coffee consumption is high, it can increase the risk of stillbirth. Consuming caffeine in limit would be a great option ( do not forget to take the suggestion of your doctor if you have any doubts regarding your diet) but completely relying on coffee to manage your mood swings can do more harm than good.

Overheating yourself

labor signs

We know that you want to relax as you are going through a lot, but relaxing should not be done at the cost of your child’s health. The heated environment of hot tubs and saunas can be harmful for the baby inside your womb. When your body’s temperature increases, the little one inside your body faces difficulty in regulating its body temperature.

Many studies have revealed that heating yourself for long can double the risk of complications. Even it can lead to miscarriage. However, mothers during their first and second trimester can relax in a sauna or other such activities that raise body temperature for not more than 10 minutes. But before following any suggestion, contacting your doctor should be on your priority list.