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6 Ways To Increase Your Chance Of A Normal Delivery

In this modern era, the trend of cesarean delivery of a child is on the rise. But the fact is, if a woman is eligible to have a vaginal delivery, then there are a lot of advantages to it as compared to the C-section method. Every parent wants the child to be healthy and safe during childbirth. Along with the child’s health, the mother’s well-being should also hold the utmost priority. Let us have a look at the points that improve the chances of the safest method of delivery.  

Start an exercise routine

To prepare your body for natural childbirth, you need to train it for this experience first. Remember, your body was made ready to give “natural birth” to your child so you do not have to worry about it. The only thing you need to do is, keep it moving. 

The reason why nowadays women have to go for the cesarian session is their body is not capable of giving birth naturally. Flexibility is what is needed during childbirth. When it comes to pushing your child out of the vagina, energy and stamina are something that you will require the most. You can opt for stretching exercise or you can do 30 minutes of yoga at least twice a week. Apart from this, you can choose some mild physical exercises. Exercise will also prevent you from gaining too much weight. Of course, following a healthy diet is also the key to increase the chances of natural delivery. 

Practice Perineal Massages

The area between the vagina and the anus is called the perineum. Massaging the perineum can help ease the muscles for delivery. Doing it towards the end of your pregnancy would prove a great way to make it ready for the child’s birth. As your vagina needs to get stretched enough to push the baby out of your body, giving it a massage will help it to do it easily and will reduce your chances of getting an episiotomy.

 If you have already been through natural-child-birth, you do not need to do it much as your body is already ready for this experience.

 Try some turning techniques for a breech baby 

breech baby

In late pregnancy, if your baby is still in a breech position, you will be suggested a cesarean treatment. Try to find a doctor who is an expert in natural birth, he may offer to try some turning techniques such as ECV. ECV involves moving your baby’s head down by hands from the outside. During an ECV, your doctor puts a firm but gentle pressure on your tummy to support your baby to turn in your womb (uterus). This process is carried out in the hospital, where the baby’s heartbeat is monitored with the help of equipment. Moreover, an ultrasound is also performed to check the baby’s position in the womb.

You can go for this technique near about 36 weeks of pregnancy. 

Maintain your weight 

As you need to eat for two, your weight starts to increase which leads to excess body fat. A fat body is a hurdle in natural birth. The increase in weight during your pregnancy should be almost 13 to 15 kilos. Doctors generally suggest C-sections to those mothers who weigh more than normal while being pregnant as in this case, a natural birth method is hard to be performed. If you are unable to put a halt to your increasing wait, you should contact your gynecologist and take their guidance seriously. 

Take a childbirth class

pregnancy birth class

The right education for childbirth may empower you to gain confidence to go for vaginal delivery. If you learn all about the process of labor and birth, you will more likely stay relaxed through the pain. Building coping skills for the natural birth process will mentally prepare your body for a natural birth. Starting a solid prenatal education that includes how labor and birth work, as well as natural labor pain management techniques like breathing, self-hypnosis, and relaxation, may help you understand the process

 Get relief from stress

stress in pregnancy

Taking unnecessary stress is the reason for fluctuating hormones. You need to know that some hormones make your body ready for the pain. A particular hormone that triggers labor is oxytocin. This hormone does not work well if the mother is scared or stressed out as when adrenaline hormone levels rise, oxytocin levels tend to fall. So trying to stay relaxed and calm helps your body to discharge this hormone that will encourage your labor to progress and you can have a normal delivery. 

Try practicing living a stress-free life during your pregnancy and you will be amazed to see how you feel ready for the normal delivery.