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Anxiety In Pregnancy – Causes, Risks, And Treatments

Pregnancy is a phase when you would experience mix feelings. At one time, the arrival of the new born will exhilarate you, and at the same time, the health of the baby and normal execution of delivery will make you anxious. Anxiety during pregnancy, or antenatal anxiety is a very common phenomenon. In this article, we will tell you all about causes, possible risks, and treatment of anxiety during pregnancy.

Causes behind Anxiety in Pregnancy

There are several things that can cause anxiety in a woman. One of them is hormonal changes that can negatively impact the chemical levels in the brain. Other than this, there are several other reasons that can cause anxiety.

  • Stress at workplace or home
  • Having diagnosed by an anxiety disorder, depression, and panic attacks in the past
  • Going through complications in pregnancy
  • Previous pregnancy struggles such as loss of pregnancy, or fertility struggles
  • Genetics (A history of mood disorders, and fear attacks)

Symptoms of Anxiety in Pregnancy

Experiencing some level of anxiety is quite natural in pregnancy. However, when it increases beyond limits, then it can even damage the mental and physical health of not just the mother, but also the fetus. From simple health issues, to severe miscarriage, anxiety can cause a lot of trouble to the pregnant woman. To get the best management of anxiety, it is very important to learn about its symptoms and take effective corrective measures.

Some of the symptoms of anxiety in pregnancy are as follows:

  • feeling worried most of the time about the health of the baby
  • restlessness
  • a sense of fear
  • unable to concentrate
  • mind becomes blank
  • irritation
  • difficulty in sleep.

Terror / fear attacks can show certain signs:

  • a racing heartbeat
  • feeling of fear
  • pain in the chest
  • shortness of breath
  • sweating
  • dizziness
  • shaky limbs
  • feeling faint
  • tingling
  • an agitated stomach.

A majority of dreadful attacks generally last for around five to twenty minutes. Though they may look frightening, but aren’t dangerous.

What can be the effect of anxiety on your baby?

Constant and uncontrolled anxiety can even lead you to depression. It can prove to be harmful, and needs to be controlled soon. Feeling excessive anxiousness for prolonged time period can put you at a risk of conditions such as premature birth, low birth weight, and preeclampsia.

Treatment of anxiety

When you find that you are not able to control your anxiety, that is when you need to get help of your doctor. He will weigh all pros, and cons of the situation, and recommend medication. Your midwife will tell you about all the options that can be performed along with its impact in your ongoing pregnancy:

Anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias are generally treated with the help of self-help measures designed on the basis of cognitive behavioral therapy. Anxiety is effective to be treated with psychological therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation training, and mindfulness. In addition to these techniques, doctor will also advise you to change your existing lifestyle to lessen stress, indulge in exercise, and eat healthy food.

In certain cases, along with self-help measures, doctor can even prescribe certain medication. He will discuss with you what medicines are harmless during pregnancy.

Important tips to cope up with anxiety in pregnancy

Discuss about it: You need to communicate all your fears and anxiety with people who are close to you. Don’t keep it yourself. Remember, when you share with people, it will definitely reduce your anxiety. A close person can be your close friend, parents, or husband with whom you can talk and discuss your problem. You may even be required to refer yourself to a trained therapist who specializes in assisting pregnant women.

Do some exercise: Exercise is seen to be a wonderful natural remedy that helps in lowering the stress, and anxiety. Physical activity releases endorphins that reduces stress in the body. Ask your doctor about what types of pregnancy friendly exercises you can perform at this stage.

Deviate your attention: The fearful thoughts about your pregnancy and bad thoughts can destroy your baby’s health. You need to distract yourself from these thoughts. One of the best ways can be to indulge in activities that aids you in releasing endorphins such as massage therapy, meditation, acupuncture, deep breathing etc.
Slow and deep breathing for twenty minutes daily is seen to be powerful in bringing down anxiety, enhance oxygen supply, release happy hormone, and stimulate nervous system in the body.

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Going through the bouts of anxiety is very obvious in pregnancy. You should not be ashamed of. Open communication, regular checkups, and stress management techniques, will definitely help in reducing anxiety and enjoying this period in the best possible way.

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