pears in pregnancy

Can I eat Pears during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a critical time in your life that needs a balanced diet. Pears are a delicious tropical fruit that is loved by people for a thousand of years. Along with pleasant taste, this fruit is full of nutrients. However, some women are doubtful to include them in their pregnancy diet. This article helps you get a clarity about the impact of pears during pregnancy.

Is It Safe to consume pears during pregnancy?

Pears are safe for consumption during pregnancy. They have low calories and a high nutritional content that is vital for pregnant mothers. Before you eat it, you must wash it thoroughly. This helps in eliminating harmful pathogens that may be present on the surface of the fruit. These pathogens can lead to severe pregnancy risks in the form of ailments such as listeriosis and toxoplasmosis.

What is the safe permissible limit for a pregnant woman?

The recommended number of pears at the time of pregnancy is one to three medium sized pears daily.

Nutrition content

Folate: Folic acid is critical in the initial three months of pregnancy. It plays an important role in the efficient treatment of neural disorders. The recommended daily consumption is 600 mg of folate for pregnant women. A large-sized pear offers approx. 14 mg of folate.

Vitamin C: Pears are loaded with vitamin C. One medium sized pear provide around ten milligrams of the daily recommended need of 85 mg for non-pregnant women.

Fiber: Pears when eaten with its skin provides good amount of fiber to the body. This helps in giving relief from constipation, that is a common sign of pregnancy. One pear has seven grams of soluble form of dietary fiber that assists in the digestion.

Calories: As per USDA, a single large sized pear contains only 143 calories. This low-calorie snack gives an energy boost to remain active throughout the day.

Benefits of inclusion of Pears during pregnancy

Having known about the nutritional content and dosage of this remarkable fruit, now let us look at its health benefits in detail.

Develop the immune system: Pears provide an exemplary ability to increase your body’s immunity power. It has the capabilities to keep infection at bay. Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, regular consumption of pears improves immunity power in a person. It makes the body immune to several types of infectious ailments that includes common cold, seasonal flu, cough, bronchitis, hepatitis and pneumonia.

Pears has an immense amount of vitamin C and vitamin A in it that helps in strengthening the immunity system of a women. It assists in developing the cells and vision of the baby. A single pear has ten milligrams of the vitamin C, that is around 11% of the daily recommended intake for pregnant women.

Prevent birth abnormalities: Folate is needed at the initial period pregnancy to ensure sound development of the fetus and prevent any abnormalities like spina bifida. Pears is a natural source of folate that is beneficial for overall health of pregnant women and fetus.

Prevents constipation: A single pear provides seven grams of fiber, that includes 2grams of a soluble fiber “pectin”. In this way, regular intake of pears supports digestion and provides relief from constipation.

A healthy snack to satiate sweet cravings: Pears are a natural substitute to unhealthy processed sweet snacks. It comprises of carbohydrates, and natural sugars such as fructose and glucose that taste sweet and provide fewer calories and sugar to the body. This makes it a healthy addition to your pregnancy diet.

Good for your heart: 100 grams of pear has 116 milligrams of potassium that assists in sound functioning of the heart of the mother and the baby. Another benefit of eating pear is that it aids in cell regeneration.

Prevents morning sickness: One of the common problems associated with eating pears during pregnancy is that it relieves one from morning sickness and nausea. It helps in treating stomach-upset easily.

Reduces swelling: Addition of one to two pieces of this fruit in your daily diet helps in meeting the need of cobalt. This helps in the efficient absorption of iron in the body. This action treats any iron deficiency that is common in pregnant women. Intake of pears also enable the kidneys to expel excess water from the body that helps in lowering swelling in the pregnant women.

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Pears are counted as one of the healthy and popular fruits available for pregnant women. However, ensure that you don’t overeat it as excess amounts of it in the body can risk your pregnancy.