watermelon during pregnancy

Can I Eat Watermelon During Pregnancy?

Watermelon is one of the sweetest and juiciest fruit that is eaten mostly in summer season. It is the best fruit to satisfy thirst and satiate taste buds. As the name suggests, this fruit is made up of 92% water. Full of vitamins and minerals, this fruit has a tempting granular texture that is what makes it among the top picks to beat the scorching summer heat. However, not many people know that watermelon is also beneficial for a woman in her pregnancy. This fruit contains remarkable nutrients that boost health in a delicious way. Let us know more on how this fruit promotes best health during pregnancy.

Eases heartburn: More than being delicious, inclusion of this fruit is beneficial for the health of a person, especially pregnant women.

Reduces swelling: Watermelon is found to reduce swelling and also easing heartburn in a person. Edema, seen as a light swelling in the hands and the feet is common while pregnancy. The high level of water content in this fruit, lowers any blockages present in the muscles and veins. In this way it assists in the prevention of edema.

Eases muscle cramps: The body of the women during pregnancy goes through myriad of changes. Some of them is change in levels of hormone and increase in body weight. Both of these things cause the bones and muscles of a women to begin paining. This even leads to formation of muscle cramps. In such a scenario, consumption of watermelon is found to be very useful. The minerals contained in it assist in coping from muscle cramps that mostly begins from 3rd trimester.

Boost immunity levels: At the time of pregnancy, your body fends two souls—you yourself and your developing baby. Any decline in your health directly impacts the development of the unborn child significantly. Intake of watermelon plays a critical role in building immunity levels that can see a reduction during pregnancy. By having watermelon on a regular basis can assist in strengthening your immunity. The level of antioxidant “lycopene” present in the watermelon is higher than any other fruit. This antioxidant offers remarkable protection against cancer and heart ailments. It aids in lowering the possibilities of pre-eclampsia by fifty percentage. Consumption of watermelon on a regular basis helps a pregnant woman in boosting the immunity of her body to fight infections.

Beneficial for baby’s development: Scientists have found that watermelon is full of a wide range of essential vitamins such as vitamins A, vitamin C and vitamin B6, along with magnesium and potassium. All of these nutrients are beneficial for building of the vision, brain, nervous system and immunity system of the baby. For the mother, potassium helps in the regulation of water content in the body tissues and the blood at the time of pregnancy.

Treats Nausea: Some of the pregnant women suffer from nausea and morning sickness. Rich in water content and packed with fruit sugars aids in alleviating dehydration and morning sickness in a person. For pregnant ladies, drinking a glass of freshly prepared water melon juice in the morning serves to be beneficial in preventing such occurrence. The energizing and nutritional properties of this fruit when consumed at the morning time provides a refreshing, light and soothing beginning to the day.

Eases digestive issues: Most of the pregnant women suffers from digestive issues during their pregnancy. Watermelon is one of the most soothing foods for the food pipe and stomach. This easy to digest fruit helps in efficient treatment of constipation, heartburn and acidity found in women during that period. Watermelon exhibits remarkable cooling attributes that assist in easing all these issues and providing immediate relief to the person.

Unlike medicines that comes with side effects, watermelon is considered to be one of the safest and genuine cures to get rid of disrupted bowel movements. This fruit is rich in fiber content that promotes formation of stool. The high-water content present in it aids in clearing the passageway, thereby creating pressure for the movement of bowels.

Prevents Dehydration: Almost all pregnant women suffer from dehydration issues in their pregnancy. Dehydration is very important to prevent as it can lead to premature contractions and premature birth of the baby. So, pregnant women are recommended to drink a lot of water to prevent deficiency of water in the body. Watermelon has 92% of water that ensures your body to stay hydrated at all times.

Prevents Pigmentation: Many of the pregnant ladies suffer from poor skin texture and pigmented skin. Daily cleansing of the body is the solution to it. Watermelon not just improves the texture of the skin but also treats pigmentation effectively. Regular eating of watermelon soothes bowel movement and gives you glowing look naturally and easily!

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