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How To Deal With Stress In Pregnancy?

Pregnancy can be a stressful phase for a woman. But this stress needs to be dealt soon as it can harm the mental and physical health of yours as well as your baby. According to the research done on the impact of stress on baby’s health, it was found that higher levels of stress hormone can cause shorter pregnancies and adverse effect on the development of baby. But stress relief is not that difficult than you might think. Here, we will show you some easy and effective techniques by which you can get rid of stress.

Focus on the baby

One of the ways to get away from the anxiety during pregnancy is by diverting your attention to the baby. Relax. Pause your life for a moment and put your attention on your bump. Identify the various activities of your baby. After 23 weeks of pregnancy, you would be able to hear his voice. You can get along with it by chatting, reading, and singing to the bump. It is a wonderful way to create bond with the baby. You will definitely feel good about your pregnancy.


Meditation is another proven and time-tested way to relieve from stress. The best part is that anyone can do it. Sitting still with all focus on breaths for a few times in a day can fill you up with positivity. A five minutes of meditation twice a day can help you deal with an unnecessary stress.

A calming meditation relaxes you, and gives you clarity and focus. A few deep breaths will reduce overwhelming sensations and help you develop a clear strategy to complete the task easily. It makes you more productive. You get strength and vitality by doing this practice every day. Nowadays, you can find several guided meditations on online stores for download.

Manage your thoughts

Sometimes you may have experienced juggling with a lot of thoughts in your mind. That can be reason of building up stress in the body. What you need is to let go of all overwhelming thoughts. Focus on a single thought at one time in place of thinking about all of them. Don’t crave for perfection. Leave some space for imperfection too. This way it will help you cope up with unwanted stress effectively.


Mantras have a powerful impact on your mind and body. Take a mantra and chant it properly for a few minutes daily. Ensure that your attention is on the mantra during the time of reciting it. Soon you will find your mind will start to relax. Mantras have power to reduce anxiety, and generate positive and harmonious emotions in your body. When you feel good, it will positively affect the health of you and your baby.

Apply lavender essential oil

Another great thing that you can do is to put a drop of lavender essential oil on your wrist. Now rub your hands and wrists together. Gently massage top region of the shoulders and the back region of the neck. You will feel an instant lightness in your body. This is another great method to relieve yourself from stress.

Drink Peppermint tea

Peppermint, by nature, is a stress relieving herb. It has many other benefits on the physical body. Drinking peppermint tea is effective in relieving all kinds of anxiety and cure an upset stomach easily. Make it a routine to drink two cups of this tea every day to feel refreshed and rejuvenated throughout the day.

Adequate Sleep

Sleep is one of the major sources of energy to the body. During when we sleep, our body cells and tissues get renewed, and healing and repairing of the body happens. Sleep relaxes the central nervous system. When you feel exhausted, a little nap can help you recharge yourself. 7-8 hours of deep sleep is necessary for sound physical and mental health.
It helps in supporting a healthy pregnancy too. Some of the things that you can try to get a good night sleep are drinking warm milk before going to bed, listening to relaxing music, messaging your head with warm oil, meditating, etc.

Share your thoughts

If you are tensed about the wellbeing, of your baby, then you can talk to your parents, friends who have been through this phase, or your partner to get support and reassurance from them. Don’t let yourself suffer in silence and do not be afraid to talk out how you truly feel at this time. Sharing your concerns with would be mums at the same pregnancy stage as you can help a lot in easing your anxiety.

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Stress and a fear of unknown is very obvious in pregnancy. Try these stress buster methods, and if you don’t feel any reduction in stress, then it is advised to consult it with your doctor. Getting assistance will help you cope the stress better.