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How To Sleep When Pregnant?

A sound sleep is very important for a person. However, in pregnancy, getting a good sleep is a little difficult for women. Struggling to find the comfortable sleep position is very common during this time. During these nine months, your regular sleep style fails to provide you the much-needed relaxation. So, you may need to try out some other sleeping positions that can help you find the one that gives adequate rest to your body.

Reasons of experiencing discomfort while sleeping

In pregnancy, a woman goes through various types of changes in the body. All these changes are responsible for disturbing your usual peaceful rest.

  • Shortness of breath
  • Increased size of your abdomen
  • Heartburn
  • Back pain
  • Insomnia

Types of sleep positions and their impact on mother and baby

To find the most comfortable sleeping position during pregnancy, you need to learn about the different pregnancy positions and how it impacts your body.

Sleeping on the stomach: So, the first style of sleeping is to sleep on the stomach. If it has been your regular sleeping position, then it is alright to sleep in this position. The only possibility when you would find difficulty in sleeping in this position when your tummy gets enlarged. This can happen in the third trimester of pregnancy. So, this sleep style is not ideal later stages of pregnancy.

Sleeping on the back: It is a state when the abdomen rest on the intestines and primary blood vessels that includes the vena cava, and aorta. Doctors do not recommend this sleeping style in 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy.

This is because, when you sleep on your back, then the full weight of the baby, the expanding uterus falls on the back, intestines and the primary vein “vena cava”. The ability to pass blood to the heart from the lower part of the body is adversely affected. Such pressure can worsen your existing hemorrhoids, and backpain. It can also make the digestion process less efficient.

When you sleep in this sleeping position, it interferes with blood circulation, and cause low blood pressure in a person. This situation can result in low flow of blood to the fetus. It deprives your baby with necessary nutrients, and oxygen. Thus, this sleep position is not advised for your baby.

Sleeping on the right or left side: The last type of sleep position is to sleep on your side. It can either left side or your right side. Sleeping on the left side is ideal for your health in the pregnancy. Doctors advise that sleeping on the left side is very beneficial for your health. This sleep position enables maximum flow of nutrients, and blood to the placenta.

When your body gets adequate amount of nutrition, then it improves kidney performance in the body. It results in better elimination of toxins, and waste from the body. This causes less swelling in the hands, feet, and ankles.

What sleep position is ideal for my pregnancy?: Sleeping on the stomach in an unfeasible position in later months of pregnancy and can cause a lot of discomfort to your body. So, this sleep position is not advised for pregnant woman. Sleeping on the back causes an obstruction in the flow of blood to the fetus that, in turn, harms the body. The safest sleep position for pregnant women is to sleep on the left side that ensures optimal circulation.

Tips to get comfortable while sleeping

In addition to becoming a side sleeper, there are a few more ways by which you can enhance the quality of your sleep. The below-mentioned options are recommended by doctors and completely safe to use.

  • Use several comfortable pillows. Try to cross one leg above another and put a pillow between them. Place one or more pillows behind the back to give proper rest to your back region.
  • You may find pregnancy pillows in the market that provide you comfortable sleep at night. Get a specialized pillow that offer heightened support to your body. Use a five-foot full-body pregnancy pillow that comes in a wedge-shape.
  • Try sleeping in a semi-upright sleep position. Choose a recliner in place of the bed. You may feel a little uncomfortable for some nights or a few weeks. This is because your body needs time to adjust to a different position. Be patient during this time. Soon you will find the new sleep position comfortable.

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There are several unavoidable reasons that can make you uncomfortable in normal sleeping positions. Understanding the different sleeping styles, use of right sleeping accessories will help you make your pregnancy convenient.