watching movie in pregnancy

Is it safe to watch movies in the theater during pregnancy?

Many people are fond of watching the latest releases in cinema halls. Does pregnancy prevent you from enjoying your regular entertainment habit? Many pregnant mothers have this question whether or not they can watch their favorite movies in the cinema. This post will give you clarity on this topic and provide you tips to ensure you of a safe entertainment experience during your pregnancy.

Being highly crowded: There can be many people like you who would be fond of watching blockbusters, and new releases. So, it makes it obvious that the cinema hall will be packed with people. In such crowded places, there can be a possibility for collisions and respiratory infection. Both of these reasons can adversely impact the development of the fetus.

Loud sound: Another important factor that can bring some risk to pregnant women is exposure to loud sound. Horror films or violent action-based films generally have loud sound to entice viewers. It can also cause you certain kinds of psychological effects. Watching such a film for two to three hours in the theater can make a pregnant woman stressful.

This can negatively impact the health of the fetus. Health experts caution that by being exposed to big sounds with continuous intensity, a lot of babies exhibit strong motor responses. If such situation stays for a long time, then it can also make them a little tired.

Increased levels of noise can lead to stress in a woman that can bring subtle modifications in the body of the pregnant woman. This will, in turn, impact the development of the baby. Loud noises can travel through your body to the baby’s body and can even result in damage to his hearing abilities.

Weak light: There is only one central light source in the cinema hall that only throws light on the screen. Watching a movie in such a dark room can impact the eyesight of a pregnant woman. If it happens frequently, then it can permanently decrease her eyesight too.

Foods available at the cinema: A majority of food that is provided at the theater comprises of soft drinks and fast food that can deprive pregnant women and fetus of necessary nutrition and harm their health.

Tips to make movie watching a safe experience during pregnancy

Choose the right cinema hall: Pregnant women should be very particular when it comes to selecting cinemas. She should choose the ones that provide special amenities for her. Not all, but there are a few theaters that provide soundproof pillows to put on the belly region to lessen the impact of sound on the fetus. This helps in providing convenience and security to pregnant women.

There are also restrooms provided where pregnant women can rest. In some theaters, there is always a support staff available at the time of the movie screening to assist them at the time of need. If you find any cinema hall that provides such facilities, you should choose it over others.

Choose the right food: Diet is very critical at the time of pregnancy. Fast foods and junk food items that are served at the theater, will not provide adequate nourishment and nutrition to the pregnant women and her baby. So, it is very important to avoid consuming them. Carrying with you healthy snacks is a good idea.

Choosing the right time: Pregnant women should prefer the time when there is less crowd. This will not just avoid a collision but also provide them a peaceful movie watching experience.

Choose the right type of movie: Different types of movies can trigger different emotions in a pregnant woman. The impact of these emotions is not just limited to a woman but also impacts the fetus. You do not want to cause any harm to the baby by producing negative emotions. Thus, it is advised to stay away from violent, terror, tragedy or horror movies and choose to watch family dramas, gentle comedies, and emotional dramas.

Choose the right sitting position: A pregnant woman should select the last seats close to the aisle as very few people chose them and they are quite near to the exit also. By choosing those seats you can easily exit from the room without struggling to make your way in the crowd.

Visit the cinema hall with family: Watching movies with the family will relax you and also assures you that any emergency will be handled easily.


Your baby is very sensitive to all the external activities that impact the mother’s body. So, you need to be careful with all those factors that adversely impact the development of the baby while going to the theatre. Seeing movies is one of the ways to relax. Follow the above tips to stop worrying and enjoy this time.