third trimester tips

Tips for Your Third Trimester

Third trimester brings you closer to the moment that you have been waiting from the first day of pregnancy i.e., delivery of the baby. This is the time that brings a lot of excitement and anxiety. You would be eager to hold your baby-to-be. A lot of women spend time making arrangements for after the delivery while trying to remain comfortable, and healthy. In this article, we will discuss tips to spend your third trimester in a safe and comfortable manner.

Avoid long trips

Traveling can create several types of medical problems that includes infections, risk of fall and miscarriage, formation of blood clots due to extended sitting, etc. It is better to avoid travel to the best possible extent. If you have to travel, then keep stretching your legs, changing your positions, and talk a walk after every one or two hours. Always consult your doctor, before you plan to travel.

Keep track of the fetus movements

Regular movements of fetus indicate that the he/she is healthy. With the progression of pregnancy, you may feel that the size of the fetus and the strength of the kicks and punches are increasing day and day.

Count fetal movements for an hour and strive to get a minimum of ten movements in that time. If you find that you get below ten movements or it no movement at all, then you should reach out to the doctor as soon as possible. He may perform a nonstress test, a biophysical profile test or a contraction stress test to check the condition.

Do not sleep on your back

Sleeping on back side is not advised as the heavy uterus can lessen blood circulation to the fetus and uterus. Left side sleeping is generally advised in pregnancy as the uterus has a natural tendency to shift to the right side in pregnancy.

Left-sided sleeping will help in bringing it towards the center. It will also lead to smooth and adequate flow of blood in the body. For added comfort, get a wedge-shaped pillow and place it along the back. Take another pillow and place it between the legs to offer adequate support to the back.

Do Kegal exercises

As the delivery is approaching, you should work on your body to strengthen your pelvic muscles. It will prepare you for delivery and prevent post-partum incontinence. When your muscles are stronger, it makes it convenient to push the baby out.

Get a prenatal massage

Your body goes through several muscular changes that may cause you soreness in muscles, sleepless nights, and/or back ache. A prenatal massage is advised at this time to prevent pressure and lessen anxiety, swelling, and depression. It may also positively impact your labor.

Find a lactation consultant

A lactation consultant provides you breastfeeding knowledge before delivery so that you do not come across issues while performing it. She would answer your queries regarding the procedure that will assist you once the baby is born.

Along with it, read books related to childbirth and breastfeeding. The more knowledgeable you are, the more confident you will feel to deal with it.

Decide whether you want a day care center

In most cases, employers provide eight weeks maternity leave after a C-section delivery and six weeks following a vaginal delivery. If you are facing a tough time and want to take more rest, then you may even consider a professional day-care center.

It may offer you more equipment and dependable care to ensure adequate care of your baby. You can use this trimester to decide whether you need a day care center, the best centers, its distance from the workplace, experience and proficiency of staff, licensing, child to staff ratio, cost of commuting, taxes, and more.

Make a plan to manage your finances post delivery

Your home budget will see a drastic increase once the baby is born. This is because there will be a lot of things that you will need to purchase such as diapers, toys, cradle etc. Other than this, monthly examinations, vaccinations, and medical bills could also add up expenses fast.

Plan your maternity leave wisely, and cancel unnecessary subscriptions, to save extra cash in this time. By being financially equipped, you can easily overcome the unnecessary stress that may happen after delivery.

Organize your hospital bag and baby bag

Third trimester is the right time to organize your hospital bag, and baby bag. Make a list of all those things that you will need to keep in it such as diapers, body wipes, sleepers, rompers, clothes, and other changing supplies.
Decide who will take care older children or pets at home

While you are in labor at the hospital, there should be someone to take the care of family members at home. You can assign this task to any of your family member, friends, or neighbors to take care of kids and pets for some time.

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By incorporating healthy lifestyle, exercise, and other procedures, you can easily get away with the third and final trimester. As anxiety and stress is quite obvious in this phase, you should dedicate time to perform relaxation methods, deep breathing techniques, and meditation. With the right knowledge, and dedication, you can pass this phase smoothly and ensure a healthy delivery.