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When’s The Right Time To Announce Your Pregnancy?

One of the best moments in the life of a couple is knowing that they are soon going to be a parent. You might want to share this wonderful news right away, but you may have some apprehensions like is it the right time to inform or whom should we inform first?

Having these thoughts are quite normal and most parents go through a similar thought process. Announcing the news early has its own advantages. In this article, we will discuss when is the right time to announce your pregnancy. 

Announcing Early Has Its Own Advantages

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When you get to know that you are pregnant your emotions go through a rollercoaster ride. You want to share this news with the entire world and yet you are apprehensive that it might bring some misfortune to the new life that is yet to come.

Some people may inform about their pregnancy news as soon as they get confirmation from their doctors. They believe in sharing happiness. Moreover, once they have shared the news of pregnancy they can count on the support of their near and dear ones.

The highest chance of miscarriage is within the first few weeks of pregnancy. If you decide to announce early and do miscarry then your immediate family and friends may help to uplift your mood.

You don’t have to go through the burden of loss alone. You will have the love and support of your dear ones and that might give you enough strength to overcome such loss.

The Risk Of Mis-carr1age

The first trimester might be the most difficult time in your pregnancy journey. It has been revealed that roughly 10 to 20% of pregnancy ends in miscarr1age and approximately 80 % of them happen during your first trimester.

Most miscarr1age occurs due to reasons out of the control of the mother like hormonal imbalance, chromosomal abnormalities, or placenta problems. Age is another factor that can cause miscarriage. 

Before revealing the pregnancy news some people wait for more substantial proof. It is understandable to wait for some more assurance before sharing this big news with everyone.

First Prenatal Visit

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One reason couples hold the news of pregnancy for around 8 to 10 weeks is that the risk of miscarriage drops drastically. It might be the right time to inform people about your pregnancy. 

For some couples knowing that their child is healthy by listening to its heartbeat and looking at the ultrasound pictures gives assurance before announcing it to everyone.

During this time doctor can give assurance that everything is normal as of now and the baby is healthy. This information might prompt some couples to share the news of the pregnancy with near and dear ones as they may come and help the to-be mother.

Announcing  After 12- 14 Weeks May Feel Safer For High- Risk parents.

If you have experienced a miscarriage then chances are that you might not feel comfortable disclosing the news of your pregnancy before being sure yourself. A doctor often says that if you have experienced miscarriage once then chances are that you might face it again.

Some of the reasons for higher pregnancy risk include :

If You Are Carrying Multiple.

If you are having twins or triplets then the chances of miscarriage is higher in the early stages as your body might not be able to sustain such changes. It might also cause some complications in the further stages of pregnancy.

Certain Health Condition

If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or if you are obese then chances are that you might face a lot of complications during most of the stages of your pregnancy. Women with these problems are at a higher risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, and neonatal fatalities.

If You Are Older Than 35

Your body undergoes massive change during the time you are pregnant. As you grow old the body might not be able to upkeep with these changes and the chances of you suffering miscarriage increases.

How To Announce your Pregnancy News?

Informing everyone through a social media post may not be the idle scenario to announce pregnancy to the world. You can try going slow by informing your family first, then moving on to your friends and extended relatives, and finally, you can inform your work colleagues.

Here are some suggestions for telling different people in your life that you are pregnant:

Immediate Family

When you decide to share the news of your pregnancy with your immediate family it will bring a sense of relief and joy to you. You will feel unburdened and know that there are people who are genuinely happy about this news.

Another benefit of informing your family members during the early stage of pregnancy is that you will be pampered and receive all the care and attention that a to-be mother should get. 


There are plenty of ways to inform your friends. You can confine this secret to your closest friend first. When you are more comfortable with this information yourself then you can choose to share it with your extended friends.

If this is your first pregnancy then you might want to share this news with your friends who have already experienced this journey. Knowing their experience may calm your nerves. You might be comfortable sharing some things with your friends that you cannot share with your family.

If you want to inform everyone together then you may use the help of social media to announce this great news to your distant relatives and friends.


There is no specific time when you should tell your employer about the pregnancy news. If you are working in factories with toxic chemicals or somewhere where it is required to stand for a long time you can inform your employer about this news.

You can consult your HR before disclosing the news to your manager. Your HR might suggest various ways you can tell your manager and you can also discuss how your pregnancy can affect your job.

Before disclosing the news you can also look at the company’s maternity leave policy and plan your decisions to take leave during and after birth accordingly.

The Takeaway

The beginning of pregnancy can be both overwhelming and scary. You constantly wrestle with a lot of thoughts. All you need to do is relax and experience this life-altering journey.

A lot of women choose to inform about their pregnancy in the early stage as they are most vulnerable then and can really use the help of more knowledgeable others. There is no hard and fast rule as to when a woman should announce her pregnancy.

The idle time to announce the pregnancy is when the couple feels it is the right time.