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10 Things That Annoy Parents

It is one of the best feelings in the world to hold your newborn baby in your hands. If two people experience this feeling for the first time, their level of happiness cannot be measured in words.

When they get home from the hospital, they have to take care of a lot of things by themselves. Life is already difficult for new parents as they have to juggle their parental responsibility with work, personal life, recreational activities, and health, among many others. But, there are certain things that annoy them more.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, know that other people go through the exact same things. There is obviously nothing more precious than listening to your baby laugh or looking at your baby crawl for the first time.

But, the journey is not smooth. Parents who don’t get enough sleep in the first few years are mostly irritated because they cannot have personal time; they cannot even watch movies without hundreds of interruptions. We are not blaming the child for all these things but we understand that parents are human beings too. They need personal space once in a while to remain the same.

To extend our support to new parents, here are a few things that we found that annoy parents. Remember, you are not alone in this!

#1 Unstoppable Crying

Baby Crying At Night

Babies cannot speak. Their only mode of communication to express every possible feeling is to cry. New parents find it absolutely difficult to comprehend what their baby might be expressing whilst crying uncontrollably. The possible answers are – naptime, hungry, stomach issue, cold, and a few others. But, how does a parent understand, in the first few months or years that how to make their baby stop crying. Calling or going to a doctor every time the baby cries is not an option.

Parents get really annoyed and tired after listening to all the crying for most of their day.   

#2 Naptime Being Disrupted

Children have no fixed time to sleep, eat, and poop. You cannot draw a schedule for them for the first 2-3 years of their born. You have to sacrifice your sleep to a great extent for this time period. But, without sufficient sleep, parents find it difficult to cope with their daily tasks. They become irritated and get annoyed really easily.

There is absolutely no other option than adjusting your sleeping time according to them. We know that it is not possible every time and sometimes you are bound to be sleep-deprived. This sleep deprivation annoys parents more than anything on this list.  

#3 The Insane Amount of Laundry

A couple is not used to tending to the needs of other human beings usually. Today, when everybody leads such busy lives, people don’t have much time to launder their clothes daily. Sometimes, people collect all their laundry of the week and wash it on weekends altogether. It is understandable because taking time out to wash clothes in the middle of the week seems hardly possible for some people.

But, when you have a kid, you will have a lot of clothes in your laundry basket at the end of every day. If you don’t wash it every day or every two days, the heap will take the space of a room. After doing everything from morning to night, or shall we say, night to night, even doing laundry seems like a big task for the new parents.

#4 Baby Pajamas With Snaps

baby snap on suit

There is absolutely no piece of clothing available that is cuter than kid’s clothing. There are so many vibrant colors available, that too in many different varieties – frocks, pants, tops, skirts, and so on. one piece of clothing that parents just do not like is baby pajamas with snaps. It is so annoying that you have to put on the entire thing on the babies and open it again and again to change their diapers.

Since there is no option in winter but to make your baby wear this, you have to bear the responsibility of opening the entire thing and changing their diaper again and again. Also, if you have received a gift containing pajamas with snaps, you don’t have many options left, do you?

#5 Cleaning The Apartment Frequently

mom cleaning with baby

Babies have very sensitive skin and a super-sensitive immune system. Since their immunity is weak for the first few years, doctors suggest extreme caution to the new parents to take care of their babies. This is why parents maintain full hygiene in their homes by removing dust daily, cleaning flat platforms, using sanitizers every now and then, and so on. It is also recommended to not touch your baby unless you have washed your hands with soap when you have just returned from the outdoors.

With already so much work on their hands, they honestly don’t have the energy to clean the apartment frequently.

#6 Random People Touching Your Baby

random people touching baby

Often, you take your baby out of your home for a walk or to a mall to buy groceries. It is not enough that people stare at you for some unknown reason that random strangers walk up to you and start asking questions about your child or passing silly comments about your baby’s appearance. What’s even worse is when they, without your permission, touch your baby (pulling cheeks or shaking hands).

When even you don’t touch your baby without making sure that your hands are free from germs, it is absolutely irritating to watch another, unknown human being touch your baby just like that!  

#7 Not Finding The Right Babysitter  


New parents need a lot of help from family members and friends during the first few years of their child’s birth. But, they are able to help to a certain extent because of their personal lives and job commitments. This is why parents need a good babysitter for their child whom they can trust unconditionally because they would be leaving their baby with this unknown person.

The problem arises when one cannot find the right babysitter. Life becomes 10x more challenging as the parents have to do everything by themselves.  

#8 Socks That Don’t Stay On

baby socks one put down

The common question among new parents is, “Why don’t they make socks that fit the size of their kids?” And no one has the answer to this. During winter, many parents prefer their babies to put the socks on so that they don’t catch a cold easily. But, either kids do not enjoy wearing socks at all or sock manufacturers can’t get the size of the socks right!

Parents cannot keep track of whether the baby is wearing the socks (both hands and feet) all the time. So, they find it really annoying when despite their best efforts, the socks won’t just stay on their babies.

#9 Heaps of Advice

unsolicited advice for new mom

Once the baby is back home, people drop by to extend their wishes and some even ask super-annoying questions that can get your blood pressure to rise instantly. Even if you are visiting someplace, mall, or the corner grocery store, with your baby, strangers, friends, and family members often hand out unwanted advice to the new couple. They might mean well but sometimes the advice cannot be listened to at all. Especially, when you are sleep deprived and extremely busy with everything.

And it becomes difficult to answer everyone patiently especially if you have been listening to the same thing again and again.

#10 Being asked, “When Are You Having The Next One?”

This is one of the most annoying questions one can ask on planet earth to someone who has just become a parent. Common, give the human beings a break! They are already trying to juggle all the important aspects of their lives. On top of that, people asking this extremely personal question, expecting a straight answer, is just abysmal.

The couple can hardly live their life now with one child (let’s suppose), the thought of having another one, at this very moment, might scare them to their core. And what if, they do not want the next child, should not this be left to their discretion and personal discussion.    

The number of irritation parents feel from others asking such personal questions is much more than the annoyance they feel from all the activities their baby does, combined!

It is no news that kids need a lot of attention and if you move your focus away from them even for a minute, they start crying at the top of their voices. You have to tend to all the whims of your baby at no fixed hour. After the first one-two month, there are several things that start annoying you and you cannot do much about it.

Most people do not understand your pain because they have not gone through what you are going through. You are expected to live normally, attend social gatherings, and work as if there is no big change in your life. Truly, the life of new parents is very difficult. What’s sadder is that they cannot do much about it.