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10 Things Baby’s Kicks Are Saying About The Pregnancy

It’s a no-brainer that a woman goes through a sea of emotions during nine long months of her pregnancy. She initiates a nurturing and protective shell to prepare her offspring to fight against the odds of the world outside. From the time they come to know about conceiving, mothers ponder about this exhilarating experience.

The first glimpse of her child on an ultrasound machine is a moment of sheer joy for any mother-to-be. Post that comes the excitement of experiencing your baby’s first kick. These kicks are not just a reminder of life inside you. There’s much that meets the eye. Wanna know more about what these baby kicks mean? Allow us to walk you through-

#1 Your baby’s health condition

baby health

Mothers sense their baby’s first movement during the initial trimester of pregnancy. And somewhere within this period, who knows……she may also experience the kicks of a future soccer player. The constant activity inside your womb insinuates the good health of the baby.

#2 The baby can listen to you talking

husband with pregnant wife

If you have partaken in this motherhood phase, you did chatter with the little baby inside you. Surprisingly, the baby is sure to respond if you initiate a conversation. A loud sound bludgeons the baby to react just like anybody else. The responses may prevail in the form of magical kicks. Prepare to be flabbergasted if you perceive the thumping of the tiny dancer to the tunes of Justin Bieber.

#3 Exhibits baby’s taste

baby kick food

Need we mention that pregnant women crave junk food like anything? If you’re the dad-to-be, you’ve probably wondered why? It simply means your baby is fond of such eats. The little one tastes everything the mother consumes. At times, the baby will try the best way possible to let you know about her taste and preference.

If you’re feasting on a slice of pizza right now and experience a bang, your baby is probably enjoying it too!

#4 Your baby reacts to flash or glint

pregnant girl in sunlight

Once you’re through six months, flash a torch on your tummy and notice how the baby responds. To your surprise, the baby will crumple or haul to turn the other side as light stimulates the pupil.

#5 How big your baby is

breech baby

As the baby starts sporting their soccer skills, it becomes easier for the doctor to measure the size of the fetus. So now, the gynecologist contemplates the height of the fetus from top to bottom. Parents get to know their height, and now the mommy is more excited to hold the baby in her arms than ever before.

#6 Baby’s there for just three more months

baby kicks

The onset of the last trimester brings some fierce kicking sessions from the tiny Messi. Before this, the mother used to endure fluttering kicks, but now, the baby kicks are more frequent and subsequently stronger. Now the kin can also enthrall themselves by experiencing unusual and enthralling kicks.

#7 Baby is snoozing or not

baby sleep in womb

In the final trimester, mothers realize whether their baby is taking a nap or awake. When you don’t encounter any activity from the little bud, the baby is in a state of deep sleep. Once the kicks commence thrilling activities inside, it means the little one is wide awake and in for some fun. Now is the time a mom can enjoy a delightful time with her champ.

#8 Moment of concern

Pregnant woman counting kicks

The gynecologist generally suggests pregnant women keep a tally of the frequency of kicks. And if there is a steep decline in the frequency of the baby’s kicks during the last trimester, then we recommend you consult your doctor immediately. At times like this, act quick! Do not take any chances with the health of your baby.

#9 Tasting the flavor of mother’s meals

If you munch peppery noodles, you can witness a sharp kick. On the flip side, cheerful kicks may surround your tummy when the mother gobbles up an utterly delicious mud cake. All this can be reasoned as that the fetus enjoys the mud cake but scorns the peppery noodles.

#10 Movements decipher the character

Most mothers share how one of their babies kicked almost all the time, and another was less energetic. When they grow up, they exhibit similar activities in the outside world. Their demeanor inside the uterus can speculate their behaviors. The subdued one did not hit the mother much, but the adamant one was more active throughout her kicking sessions.

The Key Takeaways

A pregnant mommy comprehends better about the progeny as she lives through the journey of nine months. With every kick, she unlocks a new thing or two about her baby.

It seems so fascinating, isn’t it? Every movement of a child inside a mother says so much about their behavior. Even before they could talk, the baby lets mom know about their taste and preferences. With each joyful kick, the mother scores a goal to get some extra pointers about her child.