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10 Ways Husbands Can Support Pregnant Wife

Pregnancy is that stage of any women’s life when she needs support from her life partner the most. It is the time when she expects her partner to be kind and understand what she is going through. And why not, pregnancy comes with a set of problems. Most of the time, a husband wants to help her wife in this difficult situation but doesn’t really know what exactly to do to ease the situation. Here, we have created a checklist of ways a husband can support her pregnant wife.

1.Go to prenatal check-ups with her

go to prenatal check up with wife

Join her for the prenatal checkups. When you see your baby on the screen during an ultrasound, it will be an unforgettable moment for both of you. It all will feel so real suddenly and help to make the bond with the baby. Moreover, if the doctor tells about any complications regarding the pregnancy, you can comfort your wife as this can be a little upsetting for her.

2. Join her to support the lifestyle changes she is making

support wife's lifestyle changes

Pregnant women need to change their food habits for a safer pregnancy. She needs to give up on coffee, sushi, wine, and so many other pregnancy unsafe foods. This can be very difficult, but you can motivate her in following the new routine by joining her in it. Eat the same food she’s eating, avoid eating anything sugar-loaded so she doesn’t crave it. This will keep her motivated to not give up.

3. Take care of cooking and cleaning

cooking and cleaning

Pregnancy is tiring, on some days she might not feel like doing anything. You can support your wife by taking charge of the cleaning and cooking. Believe me, she will be in awe of you for this.

4. Take walks/exercise together

walk together

Staying active during pregnancy is really important and helps in short labor and a healthy baby. You can join her for a walk in the park nearby or do exercise together.

5. Encourage her to take breaks and naps

take breaks and naps

Along with staying active, adequate rest is also essential during pregnancy. So encourage her to take a break, read a book, watch a movie or just take a quick nap during the day. This will keep her refreshed and stress-free.

6. Give foot & back massage to ease aches and stress

foot and back massage

Pregnancy can take a toll on a woman’s health and she might feel pain and aches in her feet and back and massage can do wonders. Give her a foot and back massage to help ease the aches.

7. Talk about the support she would need during labor

talk about the support

Most pregnant women have a fear of labor. You can try to make her worry less about it by talking to her about it. You can assure her that you would be in the labor room with her and support her in all possible ways.

8. Go to childbirth education classes together

childbirth classes

You should go to the childbirth education class with your wife as you will learn about how you can support your wife during labor.

9. Prepare hospital bag & newborn room together

prepare hospital bag

Get involved in preparing the hospital bag and newborn room with your pregnant wife. Create a checklist of items you will need in the hospital and your baby’s room.

10. Encourage and reassure her

 reassure her

Most importantly, you need to encourage and reassure her. Pregnancy is not easy, she needs all the support from you at this point in her life. If she ever feels she can’t do it anymore, remind her about the baby. Reassure her that everything is going to be all right.

Just a few words of encouragement and taking care of her little things can make her journey easier. Make sure you are always available for her.