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Is It Safe To Use Laptop Or Computer During Pregnancy?

A research done few years back on the impact of use of computer or laptop in pregnancy showed that it can lead to miscarriage, birth defects, and low birth weight babies. But these conclusions were flawed.

Several trusted studies have shown that computer screens are completely safe to use in pregnancy. However, there are some safety instructions that ensures that you need to follow to ensure that it doesn’t harm you, and your baby in this critical period.

Is it safe to use laptop or computer in pregnancy?

Earlier it was thought that laptop, and computer screen emit risky levels of radiation that could possibly your unborn babies. However, after performing a few more researches in this area, scientists have proved that the radiations produced by computer are non-ionizing electromagnetic radiations, and emitted in low amounts. Just like the radiations that comes from radio, and television, it doesn’t cause any harm to your baby, provided that you use it in the correct way. Thus, use of a laptop / computer is safe during pregnancy.

Safety tips to use laptop or computers to prevent complications in pregnancy

Technology is everywhere, and it is hard to completely abstain from it. Yet there are some ways by which you can protect yourself from its radiations. At the time of using a laptop during pregnancy, the most important thing that you need to consider is to look after your comfort, and health.

  • Use of tablets, smart phones, laptops, and other electronic devices exposes us to the electro-magnetic radiations. Prolonged exposure can cause possible health risks especially for pregnant women. An occasional use of these electronic devices is recommended.
  • Electromagnetic radiations can impact your reproductive system if you keep it very close to you at the time of using it. Keeping it very near to the body can make you more exposed to these radiations and even change your reproductive endocrine hormones, hinder embryonic development, fetal development, and pregnancy. It is important that while you use it, maintain necessary distance between you and the device. This will reduce the possibilities of any risks due to these radiations.
  • As laptops emits a lot of heat, it is advised not to put it on the tummy. This can cause overheating of this region, and that could risk the development of your baby.
  • Also, do not put the laptop directly on thighs, as the excessive heat that releases from it can burn you. In the market, you can find laptop cooling pads, and an EMF maternity blanket that saves you from its excessive heat to some extent. Doctors advise it to keep these devices on the table while you work on it.
  • Don’t sit for too long at one place while working on this device. It can pose negative effect on your body while you are pregnant. It is not hinder blood circulation in your body and that can negatively impact the sound development of your baby. Get up, and take a ten to fifteen minutes break in every hour. This will ensure that proper blood circulation in the body.
  • Make adjustment to the computer, and chair so that you maintain good posture. Ensure that your eyes and the top area of the screen are at the same height. Ensure you don’t slouch, and keep your back erect. Forearms should be horizontal, and feet lying either on the floor, or on the footrest.
  • It is advised to turn your laptop off before an hour of going to sleep. As this is the time when major repair works like DNA synthesis, and repair, cell regeneration, muscle tissue repair etc. happens in the body. It has been proved by research that when you shut down electronic devices prior to sleep can reduce its potential exposure.
  • Use anti-glare on screen, keyboard, and mouse to prevent any strain on eyes.

Scientists are also working on developing low emission electronic devices that causes low impact on the user. It is very essential for pregnant women to follow the above precautionary measures. If possible, it is required to avoid using laptops, and tablet, close to the body. In the meantime, consult your doctor to take steps to reduce exposure to EMF radiations.

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Laptop/ computer is safe in pregnancy when you use it moderately, and in the right way. Become aware of the biological hazards of electromagnetic radiations emitted by these devices on fetal development, and pregnancy. Follow above tips to preserve your reproductive function, and have a healthy pregnancy.