parents lies to kids

12 Hilarious Lies Told To Kids From Their Parents

As children, we believe everything our parents tell us—until reality sets in and we begin to discover that some of what our parents tell us isn’t quite real. All parents have undoubtedly uttered a few white lies and a few whoppers when attempting to shelter their children from the harsh realities of the world, delaying a difficult topic, or just having a little fun with fiction. We’ve gathered some of the most ridiculous lies told by parents, some of which they may even believe and need debunking.

#1 Ears Give it Away!

ears turn red when lie

This person’s parents definitely convinced them that they could try and lie all they want, but their little ears would light up red and give it away quite easily.

#2 Tricky Bouncy Situation

We are all guilty of appreciating a good dad joke. But this might have just crossed all limits as the poor kid was afraid of their po0p messing up the whole place if they accidentally swallowed gum!

#3 The Vegetable Mission

Quite an elaborate and thoughtful plan to get your children to eat their vegetables. Since kids believe anything, I’m sure this user’s children ate up twice the amount of vegetables they usually do.

#4 Safety Ensured!

Some lies are really quite worth it and this has to be one of them. What better way to ensure that the kids have their seatbelt on than to stop the ride, and their fun, entirely?

#5 Good Boy!

dog will tell mom

Kids are gullible but so in love with their pets. As a kid, all we ever wanted was for our puppies to talk to us! But this parent seems to have turned the tables for sure and now all the kid can hope is that the dog cannot in fact, speak.

#6 Space Wars

Such a lie might appear senseless but very creative nonetheless. And why not convert a traumatic experience like a natural disaster into a fun and exciting adventure with aliens?

#7 No Extra Bites

You are so sure that the yummy looking thing on the table is a brownie. But if it is indeed full of spinach, then it’s not even worth taking a bite to check, that’s for sure!

#8 Coke or Nope?

You sure love your soda! But your mom insists that it’s just black water with zero or bad taste. Do you take the risk or believe mom and just let it be?

#9 Keep Quiet Now

Keeping children quiet can be quite tricky. They always have so much to say. But that’s alright because they’ll soon run out of words and have to wait till the end of the month anyway.

#10 Favorite Toy Bye-Bye!

Some toys bought for the kids are regrettable. They are too squeaky or flashy. Hoping that the battery runs out soon is one way parents get through the ordeal. Replacing them is out of question altogether.

#11 There goes the ice cream!

So glad kids don’t think as logically as they should. The ice cream truck is just letting all the kids know that they have run out of the good stuff. No, the kids running towards it just don’t know it yet.

#12 Mommy Never Lies!

This is a trump card most moms are guilty of playing. Especially when kids begin to put two and two together and start asking questions you don’t want to answer.

The kind of lies that parents tell their children are quite hilarious. But it is with great intent and just so that they are convinced to do the right thing. You can be very sure that you will be repeating the same lies to your children someday! And so will they.