What I Want to Remember About Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and fulfilling experiences of all our lives. This is one shared experience that women all around the world experience alike and cherish. Pregnancy can bring new perspectives to people’s lives and help them appreciate the little and great things. There are many downsides to being pregnant- the pains, the sleeplessness, the tears and hormone rushes. Sometimes it feels like this is all you will remember. But that’s not the case. The good parts of pregnancy will constantly make you smile and think back fondly to the good old days.

Here are some of the small but impactful things you will cherish and remember about pregnancy:

#1 Feeling Deeply Connected to the Little Soul Growing Inside Me

pregnant woman happy touching bump

There is nothing short of a soulful connection between mothers and babies. The only true love we can ever find in our lifetime is the link between a mother and her kid, which is the only real and pure bond in the world. Mothers and their children belong under their category. There is no stronger kinship on the planet. No other love is so immediate and forgiving. Having children brings everything into perspective. Everything else simply vanishes. A mother understands what a child is unable to express. A bond with your child is something that no amount of money can buy. You will continue to nourish and grow this bond for the rest of your life but the initial moments with your baby are the most special.

#2 The Very First Kick I Felt

baby kicks

When you get pregnant, everything seems a bit woozy and quite unbelievable to be honest. For the first few months, you don’t process the entirety of what is happening and you are quite confused about so many things. When the self-doubt creeps up and everything seems a bit too difficult, you get the first kick. And magic happens. This kick quite literally changes your life. For the first time, you appreciate and understand that you are growing life inside you. There is a whole little human being in there waiting to come out and be with you. You will never forget how good this feels. This special moment is something only you and your baby share which makes the whole thing worth it even more.

#3 The Deep Pride and Honor I Felt Carrying My Baby

pregnant woman happy

When the enormity of what is happening finally hits you, there are a lot of feelings that come up and the most surprising one among them seems to be pride. You cannot explain why but you are extremely proud of yourself for what you are doing. And you have every right to be. You are creating and planning to support a whole new life on this earth. You have finally realized what selfless love means. You have finally understood what your responsibilities are and this is a moment of pride and honour that you will cherish forever.

#4 The Friends Who Wrote Me Supportive Texts and Words of Encouragement

Pregnant woman counting kicks

There are many moments during your pregnancy when you feel that nobody else understands what is happening to you and you feel extremely alone. However, you realize that this is not the case when your true friends reach out and express sincere care and love for you. You feel comforted. These are very special elements that increase the strength of your friendship with those who are there with you through the ups and downs of your pregnancy.

#5 Watching My Baby Grow At Each Ultrasound

pregnant woman with ultrasound scan

No other bitters sweet experience in your life is going to match up to watching your baby grow in every scan. It feels extremely real to watch the tiny seed that they become a whole new human being with special features and little habits. Thanks to the miracle of technology, you can witness the growth of your child before they are even out there and in your hands. You will cherish watching your baby grow bigger every ultrasound visit.

#6 The Anticipation of Meeting My Baby For the First Time

pregnant and after delivery

Till the minute they’re out there and in your hands, they feel like they are just a part of you. But you know deep inside that they are not going to be a part of you forever – not physically. They will come out and you just cannot wait to meet them. You cannot wait to look into their little eyes and tell them how much you love them. This anticipation is something that you were missing when your pregnancy is over.

These are some of the best moments of pregnancy that are and you are going to miss each of them when you are done with it. You will be too busy for a while to think back about all these things for now. But when your babies are much older, you will hold on to these moments.