14 Surprising Facts About Newborns

Babies are full of surprises which sometimes make the new parents laugh and many times leave them in shock. The day a little one takes birth, he/she starts showing his extraordinary and astonishing traits that prove that they are not only cute but are also a storehouse of weird facts. You may think that you know your munchkin very well, but his/her freaking, as well as plenty of amazing facts, make you ruminate about the functioning of this tiny creature. Take a look at some of those amazing abilities of your little one.

1. Babies are born with the ability to swim


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Your newborn can swim and is born with this ability. You can observe this yourself if you take your newborn to swimming classes. She will divulge some of her swimming skills, for example, holding her breath underneath the water and splashing it with their little arms and legs.

2. A newborn’s body consists of nearly 300 bones

newborn sleep pattern

Isn’t it surprising to know as well as hard to believe that those tender and fragile bodies are packed with more bones than adults? Where adults generally have 206 bones, newborns are 94 bones ahead of adults. Then what happens to those bones when they become adults. Actually, some of them merge with other bones in the process of growing up.

3. The common birthmarks

baby with heart birthmark

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Some newborns are born with a mark of some sort. These marks sometimes scare the parents but they usually do not pose any threat. They disappear on their own within the span of 6 months. If they do not vanish and cause some problem to the baby, they may need medical help.

4. Babies cry without tears

baby cry no tears

Strange right?

Seeing the tears in their newborn eyes is the last thing any parent would ever want, but tearing is absolutely healthy for the baby. Although newborns cry a lot and that cry turns their cute faces red, no tears will roll down their cheeks. The only water their eyes will produce will just strive to protect their eyes. However, as soon as they develop the tear glands, they will start producing tears too. It usually takes one to the three-month mark.

5. Limited vision

newborn limited vision

Typically a newborn cannot see too far and are short-sighted with only 20cm to 30cm long vision. Everything else they see is either blur or just a movement for them. Do not worry, he can see your face clearly when you feed your little one.

6. Their first poop doesn’t stink

baby first poop

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Do you know that their first poop is not stinky at all? Basically, that poop is called meconium which is nothing but a tar-like substance that the baby’s body expels from his body. This substance is a sticky one with which their intestines are filled while the baby is in the uterus.

7. Sometimes infants stop breathing

baby in moms arms

You will certainly be a little shocked to know that sometimes infants hold their breath. This usually happens whenever they cry or are excited and while they sleep. Although they do this just for 5- 10 seconds, still enough duration to create a panic situation for the parents.

8. Their favorite side is the right side

baby sleeping on right side

Now if you see any newborn, notice the side he or she is lying on. Most babies prefer to face right while sleeping. Very few like to turn their face to the left when they lie on their back.

9. Babies are born without the kneecaps

baby knees

Don’t worry after reading this one. Not having a knee cap does not call for any medical emergency. The patella, a second name of the baby’s kneecaps, only grows into a hard bone until the little one turns three.

10. An unorganized sleeping pattern

going to wake mommy

Every new parent must already know this fact. The babies are not aware of the ideal sleeping pattern and they will behave moody in this respect. They take time to be governed by a circadian rhythm. They develop a sleeping pattern after turning 6 months old but initially, they cannot differentiate between the day and night.

11. Your scent is the favorite smell of your baby

burp cloth

 While the mother is pregnant, the baby inside her relishes every tiny taste of everything that her/ his mother consumes. After their birth, they get familiar with your natural scent. They also enjoy the flavors of whatever you intake through breast milk.

12. Newborns are great students

Isn’t it obvious? We all know that babies get familiar with most of the outside things while being in the womb. They start recognizing your voice and scent. Their brain formulates the connection with the outside world at an astonishing rate.  You can use this exceptional trait by talking to them while in their womb. Other than this you can try singing and reading books so that they inculcate some attributes that you want to teach them beforehand.

13. They do not forget the experience too soon that they had in the womb  

Whatever your baby experiences in the womb during his 8th and 9th months, he/she tends to remember most of the things after taking birth. For example, your child is most likely to remember the sounds that he heard during the third trimester. He will also recognize certain sounds such as your pet’s voices and will not react to the voices that he already got familiar with while being in the womb.

14. Their fine hair falls out completely

Babies are born with dense hair on their bodies which do not stay with them for long. When they reach the age of four months, their body will grow a completely new head of hair in place of the original ones which generally cover the baby’s back, ears, forehead, and shoulders.