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7 Reasons You Cannot Sleep During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, all your routines and habits get old. To be brutally honest, they become an ancient topic of discussion for many women out there. It is because pregnancy comes with so many internal changes that it literally shakes up your body and life entirely, in a good manner of course. But, there are some things, that women argue, that do not make pregnancy look like the best time of their life.

One such thing is disturbed sleep all throughout the pregnancy. All women want is peaceful rest and sleep during pregnancy and to just let their bodies be. But, most of the time, this wish is not granted. Doctors have pointed out a number of reasons why you cannot sleep properly during pregnancy. At any given point in time, a pregnant woman at least experiences two of these things which tantamount to poor sleep. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you might be losing out on your precious sleep.

#1 Midnight bathroom breaks

pee problem

This is perhaps the main reason why women have such a hard time sleeping at night. You feel the urge to visit the bathroom more often because of extreme hormonal changes starting right in the first trimester. Your blood flow increases through your kidneys which keeps the pressure on your bladder. Also, if you drink more liquids during pregnancy, you might need to pee more at night.

As the baby inside you grows, your blood and other fluids inside your body also increase. As a result, your kidneys have to work harder to get rid of all the waste leading to more urination. The only relief you get from your midnight bathroom breaks is during your second trimester when your bladder does not take as much pressure as in the first and third trimester.

#2 Night sweats

night sweat pregnancy

Night sweats is experienced by around 90% of pregnant women at some or other stage of their pregnancy. It is known as nocturnal hyperhidrosis and is pretty common among pregnant women. This happens because your body temperature increases during pregnancy. To balance it out, your body generates excess sweat so that your temperature is regulated naturally.

Another reason for night sweats is the changes in your body hormones (which, by the way, can be blamed for almost anything). As progesterone and estrogen take you on a rollercoaster ride, your body temperature is also affected. Night sweats mean that your body is trying to adjust to these changes. You may also want to get your body checked for infections.

#3 Stress or anxiety

stress in pregnancy

Stress and anxiety are bad for any regular person with no disease at all. Imagine their effect on a pregnant lady who is readying herself to bring life to the planet. There are many things a pregnant woman is stressed about – whether she is ready, whether she is financially stable, whether she will be a good mother, and so on. Even if you are not stressing about anything, the hormonal changes will take care of it for you.

That’s why it is very important to tackle stress and anxiety. Whatever thing you are worried about, house or work, you must address it immediately and find a solution. Otherwise, things will keep you up at night and may also cause additional health problems.

#4 Heartburn

heartburn during pregnancy

Another thing that women have to go through frequently during pregnancy is repeated heartburn after eating dinner. As your body adjusts itself to the changes in hormone levels and the pressure of the growing baby on your abdomen, you experience constant cases of acid reflux. It is one of the main reasons why you cannot sleep peacefully as you feel discomfort and a burning sensation lingering in your chest.

It is very important to limit the instances of heartburn for your overall health. You can make changes to your diet and lifestyle and incorporate more healthy and fitter options to fight acid reflux. Don’t eat anything heavy or fried after 4 pm and drink an optimum amount of fluids to digest the food.

#5 Back pain

Back Pain Relief Pregnancy

Another horrible thing that women tolerate during and after pregnancy is constant back pain. It happens because the ligaments in your body become softer naturally and stretch so that you are prepared for labor. As a result, this puts a strain on your lower back joints resulting in back pain. Due to constant pain in your back, you cannot fall and stay asleep easily. Also, you cannot lay flat or sleep comfortably in one position. This disrupts your sleep and affects your general well-being.

There are a couple of things you can do to ease this pain. You can get a massage done, only after receiving the required permission from your doctor. You can try some exercises that might provide relief to your back. Or, you must sleep on a mattress that distributes your body weight equally and supports you firmly.

#6 Leg cramps

leg cramps pregnancy

No woman is unknown to leg cramps. But, pregnancy really takes things to another level. Many studies have suggested that women experience so many leg cramps during the second and third trimester because of changes in blood circulation. As it happens, your body reacts by having cramps. Also, due to the extra pressure on your leg muscles by carrying the baby weight can also induce leg cramps. Your baby exerts pressure on the leg nerves and blood vessels which results in frequent cramps during the night.

Leg cramps are also a result of calcium deficiency. Nonetheless, consult your doctor if you experience them quite often and get the right medication to let your sleep unbothered.  

#7 Crazy dreams

pregnant can't sleep

This one has got something to do with stress and anxiety. And of course, hormones! Crazy dreams are often caused due to unnatural fear about things that have not even taken place. Hormones have a lot to do in your body. They even affect your emotions and anxiety. Hormonal shifts can change the way your brain processes information and feelings which results in weird and crazy dreams. Interestingly, these dreams are vivid and you are likely to remember them because of all the uninterrupted sleep.

Pregnancy is not an easy phase of any woman’s life. They even have to give up on one of the most cherished things of life – sleep. We have listed all the possible reasons that might disturb your normal sleeping pattern. Now, you know where to start and how to address the issue. If you still don’t get enough quality sleep, you need to make up for it by taking quick naps in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings!