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Bleeding After C-Section – How long does it happen?

C-section delivery, also called as Cesarean section delivery is followed by bleeding. It is an obvious way to recover from childbirth. In addition to blood, this bleeding involves leftover mucous, and tissues to pass through the vagina. This can happen till 6 weeks from the time of delivery. Initially this amount is more, but it diminishes with passing time. Read more to find out how to recover from a C-section delivery, and when to call a doctor.

How Heavy Is The Bleeding?

Heavy, and dark-red bleeding after the C-section gets lighter with passing time. This bleeding comes from the point of attachment of the placenta to the womb. Clots can also appear in the initial days, and can be as large in size as a plum. This type of vaginal bleeding changes its color with the passing time. Initially, it is bright red in color, that changes into brown, light red, faint pink, and white over the time.

Just after the C-section delivery, the size of the clots that are discharged from the vagina is also large. Later, you will see these clots to become smaller in size, and infrequent than what you notice in the initial postpartum days.

How Long Do You Bleed For After A C-Section?

The bleeding that happens after c-section births can take around 6 six weeks to completely disappear. After 4 to 6 weeks, the bleeding you notice is due to menstruation. If you are breastfeeding, then it can even take longer for your menstrual periods to return.

What Can You Do About It?

This bleeding is quite normal to happen. Doctors generally suggest woman to use maternity pads. These pads are thicker than the regular sanitary pads that you use in menstruation. These pads are designed to soak in more amount of bleeding so they do not need to change it again and again. Also, the cushion provided in these pads makes it comfortable to the wearer. To reduce the chances of infection, doctors also give following instructions to the user:

  • Do not use tampons in the initial 6 weeks after C-section delivery
  • Change your maternity pad every single time you visit the toilet
  • Thoroughly wash your hands prior and after changing the pad.

Blood Clots After A C-Section

Blood clots are expelled through the vagina after C-section birth. The size of these clots reduces with passing days and ends after 6 weeks of pregnancy. This is normal. However, if you notice that the size, and frequency of the clot is not reducing, then you need to talk about to your doctor immediately.

Uncontrolled loss of blood from the body can make you anemic, and can cause other issues in the body as well. If you also find that the clots have a bad smell, then it can be due to any infection. Your doctor will assess your situation, and will take the best possible measures to stop the clotting.

How To Manage Bleeding After A C-Section?

After a C-section delivery, it is needed that you properly manage vaginal bleeding and incision site.

Vaginal bleeding

  • Sanitary pads will help you absorb the bleeding that follows a C-section birth. Maternity pads are thicker with more absorbent ability. This is required in the initial days after delivery. Once the bleeding reduces, you can switch to thinner pads.
  • Breastfeeding is seen to lighten the bleeding post a C-section birth. This happens as the surrounding blood vessels, and the muscles of uterus contract at this time. Though such contractions cause you pain, but they definitely reduce the bleeding. To ease the pain, you can try taking pain reliever medicine. Warm compression therapy on the abdomen also helps in reducing pain sensations due to these contractions. However, you need to check with your doctor before you perform any procedure, or take any pain-relieving medicine.
  • Bleeding increases with the increase in your physical activity level after your C-section delivery. So, be careful not to put physical stress on the body to prevent more bleeding. Get recommendation from the doctor on what type of physical activities that is safe to be performed at this time.

Incision site

Your incision site can drain in the initial week after your C-section birth, but there will be no bleeding.

  • Take care of this region by ensuring cleanliness, and good level of hygiene. Wash this area with water, and soap. Let it air-dry.
  • Seek doctor’s approval before you wash the area for the first time. Generally, they advise to keep the area dry for the initial few days post your delivery.
  • Diligently follow all the instructions given by the doctor to keep the incision site in best condition.

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Vaginal bleeding that happens after C-section delivery is quite natural, and normal to happen for 2 to 6 weeks. However, if the bleeding doesn’t subside on its own after stipulated time, then it can become life-threatening. You must inform your doctor immediately.