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Can I Drink Hot Water During Pregnancy?

Water plays a critical role in pregnancy. Your doctor must have advised you to stay hydrated during the day. Drinking the adequate amount of warm water daily is the key to stay healthy. Its role is not just limited to hydrating the body, but it also aids in detoxifying and energizing the body.

Due to this reason, it makes it very important to consume the adequate amount of water. It ensures proper development and health of the unborn baby. Let us know more about the safety and utility of drinking warm water, and the right way to drink it in your pregnancy.

Is it safe to drink warm water in pregnancy?

It should be noted that the water you consume should not be very hot. It should be luke-warm or tepid. Boiling hot water is considered unsafe and can harm both the baby as well as the mother.

It has the possibilities to have traces of high mineral, and lead content that accumulates from the pipes that it passes through. Such contaminated water when goes into your body will be damaging for your as well as your baby’s development.

It can hamper the mental as well as physical development of the baby and can lead to considerable damage for the development of brain, lungs, nervous system, liver, red blood cells, and kidneys in the baby. It is important that you always consume boiled, and filtered form of water to eradicate the chances of unwanted minerals, microbes and dangerous elements like lead from the drinking water. Ensure that the boiled water reaches to luke-warm temperature before you consume it.

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Effect of drinking warm water in pregnancy

Water whether warm or cold is safe to be consumed in pregnancy. Drinking luke-warm water is found to be beneficial in many ways. Besides treating the common issues in pregnancy such as fatigue, and dehydration, warm water also treats several complications that can cause due to inadequate water consumption such as dizziness, cramps, oedema, and nausea.

When you keep yourself adequately hydrated especially in the third trimester, it can save you a lot from contractions resulting in preterm labor. Therefore, proper consumption of water is ideal for the prevention of dehydration in pregnancy.

When you drink optimum level of warm water daily, it can assist in the prevention of UTI’s (urinary tract infection). As the water dilutes the urine, the urinary tract remains free from infection.

Drinking warm water with lemon in the morning fights off fatigue, and boosts your stamina, and energy. Warm water sufficiently hydrates your blood and makes it easier for your heart to pump. It sends the right amount of oxygen to the muscles, and organs and lowers the chances of muscular cramps, circulation issues, and strains in pregnancy.

When an expecting woman drinks the recommended amounts of warm water then it aids her in balancing the flow of hormones in the body. It makes her skin delicate and less susceptible to tightness, stretch marks, and itching.

Drinking tepid water renders remarkable health advantages to you as well as your baby. It detoxifies your body and aids in the prevention of heartburn, and morning sickness. Warm water also promotes healthy and proper bowel movement, and gives you relief from constipation, heart burn, and acidity.

It is responsible for improving blood flow in your body. A glass of warm water daily, especially with a small quantity of lemon in it, helps to boost stamina and energy levels in the mothers thereby keep fatigue away.

Warm water is also beneficial in keeping your cough, flu, and cold at bay. It ensures proper cardio-vascular health of mother as well as baby.

What is the ideal amount of warm water that you should drink?

The development and health of the baby depends to a greater extent on the amount and quality of water that you drink. The amount of water that you drink actually effects the levels of amniotic fluid that encloses the baby. With the growth of the baby, the volume of this fluid should also increase to keep him protected, and healthy.

The right amount of amniotic fluid assists in the proper development of the baby and acts as a barrier to keep the baby healthy and warm in the womb. When you don’t drink the right amounts of water, then the amniotic fluid levels reduce in the body and results in birth defects and in severe cases, miscarriage too.

According to the doctor’s suggestion, it is required to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water on a daily basis. If you go to work, it is a good practice to carry with you a water bottle and keep drinking at regular intervals to meet the daily requirement.


For the healthy growth of fetus, it is very important that the mother is sufficiently hydrated. Water aids in carrying important nutrition to the fetus and boost health and development of the fetus. Thus, drink the right quantities of water, to keep yourself well hydrated, healthy and disease free.

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