makeup in pregnancy

How Safe Is It To Wear Make-Up During Pregnancy?

Women indulge in makeup to improve their beauty and appearance. However, due to the presence of chemicals in makeup products, it is a concern for pregnant women as to whether the application of makeup can harm their baby. This is a genuine concern and requires a woman to know whether she can do makeup and also what type of makeup is allowed during pregnancy. This post will address your worry regarding the safety of makeup during pregnancy and the type of products that can be used in pregnancy to ensure a harmless pregnancy.

How does the skin changes at the time of pregnancy?

Pregnancy brings a lot of changes to the overall body including the skin. The vascular, hormonal, immunological and metabolic changes that happen at the time of pregnancy can take a severe toll on skin health.

Below we have mentioned a few common skin complaints seen in pregnant women:

  • Physiological changes in the skin during pregnancy
  • Unique kind of skin disorders that happens in pregnancy
  • Skin tumors that are vital in pregnancy
  • Skin infections of perinatal significance
  • Dermatoses impacted by pregnancy

Due to all these changes in the skin, a pregnant woman loses her glow and beauty during pregnancy. Due to which she resorts to cosmetics to hide these skin changes and appear more beautiful. However, it is very important to check whether it is safe or not for them to indulge in makeup.

Risk factors associated with the use of makeup products

Makeup products contain chemicals that can be toxic to the body. It can cause harm to pregnant women in the following ways.

  • The exposure to the toxic ingredient of the products can cause skin cancer.
  • The toxic chemical components in skin creams, lipsticks, and nail polishes are very dangerous for expectant moms.
  • Cosmetic products are not regulated properly. Artificial colors and flavors can harm your health to a great extent.

Tips To select the right makeup product in Pregnancy

When purchasing a makeup product, you must ensure that it is purely safe for the overall health of the baby. Here we have mentioned tips that will help you find pregnancy-friendly makeup products:

Lipstick: There can be chances that you ingest lipstick. If that happens that it can be dangerous for your baby’s health. Check ingredients and safety certification before buying a lipstick. Avoid the ones that contain toxic ingredients like lead. It is advised to wear natural and organic lipsticks.

Foundation: Avoid using a foundation that has beta hydroxy acids and retinoids in it as on penetrating the skin they can harm the baby. Go for a foundation that imparts a natural finish and last longer. Choose the one whose texture is not creamy or runny and is made from the best quality organic and natural materials. It should not have any kind of added colors and preservatives.

Concealer: Avoid using a concealer that has ‘parabens’ and ‘Polyethylene’ in it as it can be the reason for the development of breast cancer. Always look for a concealer that is made using natural and organic ingredients. Check its safety certification before buying it.

Nail Polish: Nail Polish contains several toxic elements, one of them is toluene. It is a dangerous compound that when inhaled by pregnant women can cause developmental defects and hinder the progress of the baby. Choose healthier nail paints that contain the least amount of hazardous chemicals.

Blushes: The blush contains sodium sulfate and parabens that can harm the baby. Look for ‘BPA-free’, and ‘fragrance-free’ blush palette.

Face Powder: Foundations contain tetracycline, hydroquinone and retinoids in it that should be strictly be avoided by pregnant women. Try using cornstarch as a safe and natural alternative to face powder. It will serve the same purpose of soaking up wetness from the face.

Kajal: Kajal prevents strain on eyes and also helps in retaining moisture. Toxic chemicals like parabens, mercury, and lead in it can cause acute long-term issues. Go for a chemical-free Kajal that contains almond oil and castor oil that will not just beautify but also freshens up your eyes without causing any side effects.


All women are born beautiful. A woman needs to know that it is not the external makeup that makes her look best but the inside beauty that makes her the person she is. Most of the beauty products available in the market can all be damaging to the health of her baby. Thus, it is advised not to take the risk and avoid using these products during pregnancy. However, if she can’t go without makeup, then use organic and natural products are suggested.