newborn corona virus

Newborn baby is found ‘positive’ for coronavirus at the UK hospital

After suspecting that the child’s mother was infected with pneumonia (caused by coronavirus), she was taken to the North Middlesex Hospital immediately. The newborn baby has reported to be infected with coronavirus in the UK, and became the youngest victim of the pandemic.

According to her, she learned about her diagnosis just after delivering the baby. The newborn baby was tested soon after getting born. Previously, it was reported that as per earlier research, pregnant women can not transmit the Covid-19 to the baby in womb. Doctors are trying to find out how the baby caught the virus either during birth or via the womb. Presently, the mother is getting treatment at a specialist center, and the child is been treated at another hospital. Hospital staff who are in touch with both of them are instructed to self-isolate themselves.

Presently, there have been reported 798 cases who are infected by coronavirus in the UK. The number of the death cases have increased to 11. As per officials, pregnant babies, and women are at low risk from this new coronavirus strain “Covid-19” and has very fewer possibilities to suffer from its chronic symptoms.