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Seven Amazing Facts About Baby Girls

Babies are exciting and pregnancy is a wonderful experience nevertheless but sometimes you do wonder how it would be like to raise your baby girl who you just got hold of. While all genders are unique and wonderful, having a baby girl changes your life in little ways. More than anything else, you will be surprised to note that there are some things very unique to having a baby girl. We have listed some of them that could leave you speechless:

#1 Baby Girls Listen Better

mom playing with baby girl

Some studies indicate that female babies are more responsive to human sounds than other noises that they come across. Whether they are in the womb or just born, they respond better to human voices and seem to be able to recognize that the sound they are hearing is human. A baby girl can be cheered up by you talking or singing to her. Girl babies show more interest when you talk to them and you can see this in their facial expressions. To calm your baby girl down when she is crying, just talk to her while you rock her- you will have a higher chance of calming her down when compared to your little boy.

#2 Baby Girls Talk Faster

baby girls talks faster

Female babies are quicker than little boy babies when it comes to a lot of things. You will notice that they begin understanding what you are trying to communicate with them much sooner than boys do. As a result, they start speaking much sooner as well- within 12 months when compared to boys who start speaking around the 14th month. As they grow older and enter toddlerhood, baby girls continue to talk more and quicker than boys. Baby girls can produce up to 100 unique words when they are 16 months old whereas boys can only speak up to 30 on average. They also walk sooner and learn to communicate through gestures earlier than boys.

#3 Baby Girls Observe More

cute baby girl crawling

Girl babies respond more to texture, color, and sounds when compared to boy babies who respond to movement and actions. Studies indicate that even when babies are provided with non-gender-specific toys, girls gravitate towards toys with faces like dolls whereas boys prefer moving toys like cars and trains. They are better at understanding expressions and respond appropriately from quite a young age. They can identify when a face is scary and when others appear distressed, they depict more empathy than boys even as babies.

#4 Baby Girls Could Have Bre.asts

baby girl smiling playing

It is perfectly normal for some baby girls to have little brea sts (or a chest that is not flat like is expected). They have swollen or enlarged lumps under their n1pples identical to bre asts. This growth is a result of being exposed to maternal hormones during pregnancy and it is completely normal. They are noticeable during birth and quite distinct because they tend to grow for a bit after birth. Pinching the brea.sts might release some amount of milk. Within a few weeks normally the tissue will shrink. Even if some tissue remains, it remains benign and is not a cause for worry.

#5 Baby Girls Could Have Peri0ds

newborn baby girl with pacifier

This might come across as a shock for most. But even your baby girl who is just a few days old could have thick, almost milky d1scharge. Soon after, it is perfectly normal to witness a bit of bl00d in the diaper. What happens during pregnancy is that there is a surge of maternal hormones. This can affect the uterus of the baby temporarily and stimulate it which causes the uterine lining to develop. It is completely normal if it happens within the first week of the baby being born during which the mother’s estrogen levels (in the baby) drop. It is not anything to worry about if the blee.ding does not persist longer.

#6 Baby Girls are Easier to Deliver

prepare for delivery

Even if you are a first-time mother, chances are that the delivery time could be shorter by a significant amount if you have a baby girl instead of a boy. Some lucky mothers experience an average of shorter delivery time even up to 25 minutes. Can this get better? Yes. Mothers giving birth to baby girls are less likely to request pain killers during labor when compared to mommies having baby boys. This could be attributed to the size of the baby girl being smaller than that of the boys. Whatever it is, it is worth cherishing.

#7 Baby Girls are Born Later than Boys

Do not worry about experiencing premature birth you are having a baby girl because chances are that she will come out as late as she can. Baby girls have a significantly higher chance of reaching term during pregnancy than boys do, as some studies indicate. They are also born to be slightly smaller and lighter when compared to baby boys. They are shorter by half an inch on average and lighter by five ounces. Studies indicate that this disparity continues to be the same during toddlerhood but puberty can have a significant impact on the adult sizes in terms of weight and height, as will other factors such as nutrition and genetics.

Whether you have a baby girl or boy, the experience will be worth it. But it would be kind of cool to have a baby girl just for the reasons mentioned above.