2nd trimester pregnancy

Tips for Your Second Trimester

When a woman reaches her second trimester of pregnancy, she feels new changes in her body. The annoying fatigue and nausea that has been experiencing in her first trimester is no more there. You gain your lost appetite and energy. This phase looks like a lovely rainbow that appears once the storm has passed. However, the second trimester of pregnancy comes with its own set of challenges. Here are a few tips that will help you address them.

Invest in a good pair of shoes

pregnancy shoes

Due to heavy belly, you may be putting unnecessary stress on your legs. It may cause swelling of your legs too. Slip yourself into a pair of low-heeled, and cozy shoes that gives you comfort while walking.


Exercise is advised by doctors throughout the pregnancy. There are several benefits of exercise during this period. Besides weight management, regular exercise regulates blood glucose levels, and lowers insulin levels that helps in the prevention of gestational diabetes by.

pregnancy exercise

You can perform light to moderate exercises that does not exert you much. Some of the best exercises that can be done in this period are walking, yoga stretches, Kegel, bicycling, and swimming. Thirty to forty-five minutes of exercise is ideal to be performed daily.

Take care of skin

Due to increased production of pregnancy hormones such as progesterone and estrogen, you may find appearance of dark spots on your forehead and cheeks, and white or pink colored stretch marks on breasts and stomach.
To prevent these spots, you should use sunscreen as well as wear a hat whenever you go outside. Stretch marks can be reduced to some extent by application of skin hydrating lotions and creams on it.

Get a Massage

Massaging your skin with coconut, argan, olive, almond, or jojoba oils will keep your skin moisturized and healthy. It will also help in relaxing the body, releasing harmful toxins, and reducing pain and ache in the body. To get the best benefits, you should look for a professional therapist.

Make a transition from chemical products to natural ones

Throughout the pregnancy, you need to expose yourself to chemicals to the least possible extent. It is a good idea to replace all chemical infused cleaning or cosmetic products by natural products. This will reduce your contact with chemicals and will ensure that your baby remains safe and protected.

Adjust your sleeping style

You would notice that your belly will grow at a faster rate in this trimester. Due to this reason, doctors advise to sleep to the left side. This position will give comfort to your belly and increase flow of blood to the baby as well.

Wear seat belt safely

Wear the seat belt such that the lap belt is below the belly region and the shoulder strap lies between the breasts.

Watch out for premature labor signs

You may start to feel contractions in your body. These contractions could recur in every ten minutes. The intensity of these contractions will tell you whether they are real (premature labor) or false contractions.

Prevent constipation

Along with regular exercise, stay adequately hydrated and consume foods rich in fiber content such as fruits, leafy greens, whole grains to avoid constipation.

Check about a maternity leave

A woman needs good amount of rest throughout her pregnancy. Doctors advise that she should avoid traveling and hectic routine during this time. It is important to talk to the employer to seek maternity leave. Most of the reputed companies, and organizations, have this provision to grant maternity leave that begins in the third trimester of pregnancy and covers a few months after delivery.

You should check about the policies related to pregnancy in your organization. Also find it out whether these leaves will be paid or unpaid. Have a discussion in advance about formalities that you need to complete before going on a leave such as delegation of work etc.

Buy comfortable maternity clothes

During pregnancy, your body weight and size will enlarge. You won’t be able to wear your old clothes any more. Those clothes will make you feel uneasy. So, it is important to invest in good quality comfortable clothes to stay relaxed and comfortable throughout the day. Nowadays you can find maternity jeans, comfortable leggings, gowns, tops and more in a wide range of styles and designs. Pick the one that you find nice and enjoy this time.

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Every trimester of pregnancy brings new and exciting developments in yours as well as your baby’s body. The knowledge of these changes and how to deal with them helps you cope up with this critical time easily.

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