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10 Pics That Perfectly Define The New Mom Life

When people send you to la-la land by telling you to get married and have babies, they surely forget to tell you what being a parent actually feels like. They tell you what is it like to hold the tiny human in your arms, but skip the part where the little cute human showers you with its flood-like urinary skills. You are told that your child will make you feel complete, but then your baby does not even let you complete your sleep! You think that you will manage your personal and professional life, but you miss your cutie-pie all the time at work and keep telling your child’s mischievous activities to your colleagues.

Being a parent, no doubt is a blessing. Here are some pictures which define the changes that happen in a women’s life after becoming a parent.

Happens all the time..

new mama be like

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The dilemma…

please sleep wake up i miss you

The anxiety

quiet baby

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Scrolling while feeding the baby is so much fun

hush little mama

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Scrolling time

new mom life

Your photo gallery after having a baby

mobile before and after baby

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Forget the sleep for atleast 6 months

baby at 2 am vs 2 pm

Always on each others minds!

baby mom thinking

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Baby Photoshoot

Baby Photoshoot Expectation VS Reality

The struggle is real

diaper change funny© Milky Makers

I’m sweating just thinking about it

cutting baby nail scary

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Well, you are not the only one in this boat, many other moms whose life has taken some weird, as well as beautiful turns, are also sailing in it with you. I bet these hilarious pictures will make every mother feel resonated with other moms and sum up their life as a new mom. Seeing your little one blossom while tolerating their tantrums is the most beautiful and unique experience in the world. And the tasks that you thought would be a cakewalk feel like the most difficult mission to accomplish. Feeling overwhelmed by this rollercoaster of experiences is very common for every mum. Of course, it’s not easy to spend hours on your child and making them sleep so that they can wake up by a mild sound say, the sound of a dropping object.  The struggle is real.

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Happy Parenting.