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Change in Urine Color During Pregnancy

Change in the color of urine is an indication of pregnancy. In some cases, it can also be a warning sign. Different colors of urine can have different meanings. The color change is governed by several factors. As nothing in pregnancy should be taken lightly, it is required to learn about these color changes and how it can affect your health. In this article, we will talk about these factors, probable risks and treatment for this condition.

How does the color of urine change in Pregnancy?

The smell, and color of the urine can tell a lot about the health of a woman while pregnant. The color of urine in a healthy person is light, and transparent yellow color. However, in pregnancy, the color can take on a darker shade of yellow. Some women can find it as strong bright yellow color to a darker orange-yellowish color.

What is the reason for the change in urine color in Pregnancy?

This color is due to the pigment named “urobilin”. It is made when the body disintegrate “hemoglobin” from dead red blood cells. The color of this pigment is based on the concentration of the urine. If it is hydrated or diluted, then the pigment is of a lighter shade.

On the other hand, morning sickness, that leads to vomiting can in turn lead to dehydration. If it is in concentrated form, then this pigment will be of a darker color.

In addition to it, the color of urine in pregnancy is also affected by the functioning of kidneys in the body. Kidney is the organ that is responsible for filtering as well as discarding waste material from the body. The modification in the food consumption during pregnancy as well as intake of medicines, and vitamins can even lead to change in the urine color.

Kidney stone can also cause changes in the urine color. It has the ability to cause hindrance in the functioning of kidneys. This can lead to severe nausea, vomiting, and pain, in the body. It.

Due to change in pregnancy hormones, you can even see a change in urine odor. A strong urine odor is an indication of an infection in urinary tract.

Hematuria is the term that represents blood in the urine. The excess RBC in the body gets eliminated via urine that makes it color either red-colored, or of very dark yellow.

An infection in bladder is a type of UTI as well as a bacterial infection. The changes in bodily hormones in the body causes the increase in size of the urinary bladder. It weakens the lining of bladder and makes it susceptible to infections. Infection in bladder is the result of the change in the urine color.

When should you seek assistance of a doctor?

There are various reasons responsible for changing urine color in pregnancy. If you find blood in the urine or the color of urine changes to pink, brown, or red, or brown in your pregnancy, then you need immediate assistance from the doctor. There are a few women who would experience light colored implantation bleeding at the start of the pregnancy.

This does not indicate any problem. Passing of blood in urine is also an indication of a vaginal infection. The growth of fetus also puts pressure on the bladder, that should be emptied quite often. Women may even notice leakage in urine while sneezing or coughing.

Diet can also be the reason for change in urine color in pregnancy. It is important that it should include vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and other types of healthy foods. Many pregnant women consume prenatal supplements, and vitamins in their pregnancy. This is required because the body of the woman is not able to break the vitamins. The absorbed supplements, and vitamins gets discarded via urine, and will result in a dark shade of urine.

Urine Tests In Pregnancy

Urine tests holds a lot of importance in pregnancy. To find out any risks, your doctor will conduct an extensive analysis of urine at the first prenatal appointment. He will then perform it many times throughout the pregnancy. Testing can also be performed to evaluate bladder, kidney infections, diabetes, and dehydration.

High levels of protein in urine will also indicate a urinary tract infection and kidney disease. Your medical provider will screen for high sugar, and protein levels to test for “preeclampsia”. It is a condition caused due to high blood pressure in a person.

Large amounts of sugar in the urine may indicate gestational diabetes, which typically develops in the second trimester. Additional signs of gestational diabetes may include fatigue, excessive thirst, and weight loss.

During urine test, your doctor may also evaluate the levels of ketones present in urine. These ketones are chemicals secreted by the liver at the time when your body is deficient of converting sugar into energy.

Performing urine tests at different stages of pregnancy is important to reveal the present health status of the person. This analysis will assist the doctor to figure out possible condition that needs treatment. Tests are conducted to evaluate infections in bladder and kidney. It can even lead to dehydration.

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Change is urine color is one of the common changes that happens in a woman when she is pregnant. However, to be on a safer side, you need to be proactive. Monitoring such changes, reporting them to the doctor, and obtaining necessary urinalysis tests will help in keeping you and the baby healthy in pregnancy.