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Do This To Get Rid Of Pregnancy Back Pain – 5 Easy Steps

Back pain is very common during pregnancy as during this time your body prepares itself for labor by softening and stretching the ligaments. This puts a pressure on joints of the mother’s lower back and pelvic muscles that cause pain in the back.

However, this is not something that cannot be cured. By making a few changes to your daily routine during pregnancy, you can get rid of muscular aches and pain in the joints, for example, tightening up your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles before and during any movement for the additional support. Find some more details about other ways to improve your posture during different activities that can help you with back pain.

While leaving the Bed

When you lay down, your back gets in the resting position. If you immediately do a sit up, it can aggravate the back ache.
Therefore, make sure that instead of putting a strain instantly on your back, you roll onto your side gently and bend your knees while getting up from the bed. Then, tighten up your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles gently and push yourself into a sitting
posture by using your arms.

While Standing Up

When you sit for long, the blood circulation gets slow. That is why you should promote blood circulation by moving your ankles. This will allow your blood pressure to adjust before you stand up. Also, do not forget to tighten your abdominal and pelvic floor

Here is one more useful tip for you. Try placing your hand on your thighs while standing up so that your upper body gets enough support. Also, do not maintain a straight posture while standing up. You should lean forward when you stand up, this will put less
pressure on the joints of your lower back.

Stand With a Right Posture

A right posture prevents back as well as hip pain too. Do not put the complete weight of the body on your one foot and try to stand by using both your feet and put equal weight on them.

Also, bring your shoulders slightly back and down so that they can relax. Relaxing them will ease your back pain.

While putting on Clothes

Most of the women do not take precautions while they dress up. By keeping some very simple points in mind while dressing up, you can get rid of the back pain. Do not balance on one leg when you are wearing your clothes. Instead of this, sit on a
chair and don your attires in a relaxed manner.

While Picking up Objects

Tightening your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles before lowering yourself into one knee should be your utmost priority if you want your back pain to go away. While you hold any object, keep it as close to your body as possible.

In case of heavy items, first try to move it onto a chair or table and then stand up to lift the object from there.

The Bottom Line

After applying these methods, you will certainly feel a relief in your back ache. However, if your back pain does not go away or you are experiencing severe back pain during your pregnancy, you must consult your healthcare provider.

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