pregnancy memes compilation

50 Of The Funninest Pregnancy Memes Ever

So how are you doing beautiful pregnant ladies? I hear a lot of “I am okay” through telepathy right now ( Which obviously I am faking and you know it!) And you too do not have to say OKAY (as you too are faking it and I know it!!!)

So what drill you have just been through as of now? Going to pee for the sixtieth time since morning! Or crying out as you just saw a baby laughing!!

Let me guess! You are feeling nausea as you ate more than enough or you are feeling nauseatic because you did not eat! How genius I am !!

Jokes apart, being pregnant is not a joke because a joke makes you fart. (just kidding again) Okay, now I am serious! Well, enough of pregnancy complaining dear women, you will be fine eventually when you will be handed over a cute human in your hand. But what to do with the pain right now! Let us help you to laugh out the pain with the funny situations other soon mom-
to-be are facing.

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1. Happens all the time

baby kicks

2. Pee all day

eat pee pregnancy

3. Blame it on hormones

why pregnant crying

4. The struggle is real

preggo problems

5. Poor husbands 

husband wife pregnancy funny

6. The cravings!!

pregnancy cheat days

7. Aargh!!

bladder funny

8. Mood swings are real

next mood swing

9. Another reason why I can’t sleep!!

kung fu baby

10. I should stick to just meditation

pregnancy yoga

11. And shoes

pregnancy clothes

12. Have you ever peezed?



13. It’s that simple.

win argument pregnancy

14. And failed miserably

don't need to pee

15. The baby is craving pizza again!!

it's for the baby

16. Those kicks

baby or soccer player

17. Oh Those Lovely Pregnancy Hormones

pregnancy hormones

18. ins’MOM’nia


19. Not fair!!

looks like dad

20. The only walk pregnant women like

walk to the fridge

21. And no cure!!

pregnancy hangover

22. Now you know?

why can't sleep

23. Hustle

third trimester

24. Sleep deprived

night can't sleep

25. It’s a lie

due date funny



27. Pregnancy rewards 😀

pregnancy mad

28. Wait for the arrival of the baby then

slept great

29. I can hear this image

sound effects

30. Yawwwnnn


31. Seriously

last month

32. Never let your pregnant wife stay hungry


33. Every pregnant woman can possibly relate to this

pregnancy moods

34. Even rolling over is a struggle during pregnancy

out of breathe

35. Anyone else scrambling to finish things as their due date approaches?

6 weeks left

36. Pillows are the best friend of a pregnant women

pregnancy pillows

37. Pregnancy perks

baby bump table

38. And then you get the urge to pee

use little energey

39. Totally exhausted!!

emotions by trimester

40. The dilemma 

sleep or shower

41. When will I get it?

pregnancy glow

42. Quite an achievement 

shave legs pregnancy

43. Can’t bend

dropped on floor

44. Never enough pillows

funny pregnancy pillow

45. And the day after tomorrow

busy day pregnancy

46. How can you sleep if I’m awake?

you sleeping

47. Baby get what baby wants

baby wants

48. Goodbye feet

goodbye feet

49. How can you even?

giving birth

50.That’s it, I’m done.

next pregnancy