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Interesting facts about baby kicks during pregnancy

Hi mommy, your little one is here to talk to you. You must have experienced my kick recently and now you want some of your questions to be answered. Well, who will answer your curious questions better than me? Let us have a chat.

You feel sleepy, I feel active

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Dear mommy, I know you are sleepy, but I can’t help kicking as I am mostly rejuvenated during night time. Do my kicks make you lose your sleep? Well, I just want to mark my presence when you are asleep. I also kicked in the morning but you didn’t notice as you were busy with the household chores. Your resting time is a playful time for me.

Why do I kick, mommy?

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Do you ever wonder why I kick mumma? Do you remember I kicked you when you were at a crowded place and were getting a little uncomfortable? I react to the outside stimulation. Also, when you sniffed your favorite food and felt like gobbling it up, I kicked because I wanted to respond to your emotions as I can understand your feelings!

Mumma, I need to relax too!

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Dear mommy, I need to stretch and move as I want to release the rigidness from my tiny body that is caught up inside your small womb. Although I love this small home of mine, sometimes being in the same position for long makes me feel stiff.

I love it when you do physical activities

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Do you remember mother, when you participated in the relaxation exercises, I felt so fresh inside your womb. When you release your stress, it puts an overall positive impact on your body and every part of your body feels happy and refreshed. I too am a part of your amazing body, so I want to express my joy through my kicks.

Don’t worry, I am nine weeks old, mother

I celebrated my nine-week-journey by kicking my mother. Do I sound selfish? Of course not! My mother loves my kicks, right mommy? I would kick quite often after turning 24 weeks old. Is that okay?

Your diet affects my kicking patterns, mummy

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Some particular diet that you intake can increase your body’s energy immediately. For example, coffee consumed by you stimulates me to be active and energetic. So be considerate about your caffeine intake as my kicks may not let you sleep during the
night if you drink coffee for more than you should. Otherwise, let me give you a tip, try walking a bit if I kick continuously, it will persuade me to settle down and then you will be able to sleep like a baby.

Do you know about my other moves, maa?

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My skill set does not only include kicking, slowly and steadily, I am becoming a pro at jabbing, punching and elbowing. During the initial days, I will just flutter, roll a bit and create a tumbling sensation. But as soon as I enter the third trimester, I will grow bigger and stronger and my movements will start hurting your ribs.

Do you count my kicks?

Did the doctor uncle told you to count my kicks? Well, he surely wants you to keep a track of my movements to make sure that I am developing in a healthy manner in your womb. Do you also want to take a tiny piece of suggestion from your little one? Along with counting my kicks, keep a track of the time when I am active the most and for how long? If I make a move in every two-hour period, you need to worry about nothing. If I do not, my doctor uncle should be contacted.

I kick sooner, as I am your second child!

Do not wonder if I start to kick sooner than my elder sibling did. Your body has adjusted itself during the span of the gap you took to conceive me and it has made itself ready to experience every tender movement of mine very graciously. Or maybe it is because I am angry with you for not having me first! LOL.

Now I won’t kick, I am a big guy!

baby in womb

Well not literally, but big enough to cover an entire space in your womb and find almost no space to move. I cannot roll or punch and I feel totally bored here. But no worries, hope to meet you soon and do as many movements as I want in your arms.