Tips to Choose a Perfect Baby Name + 50 Trending Baby Names

From ‘Joel’ to ‘Velvette’, we come up with so many unique AND generic names all at the same time for the baby happily taking a nap inside of that baby bump. Choosing the perfect name for your little one that they will be known as for life seems like quite a daunting task.

There are so many things you will need to consider as your baby’s name can have a significant impact on their growth in a social setting. In this post, we explore a few things to keep in mind when naming your baby.

1. Trends are short-lived

While bestowing your child with a name that has punctuation in it or is unnecessarily misspelled might seem cool to you now, think about how it impacts their future. Getting taunted in the playground might become a daily thing for your preschooler. Moreover, they will have to spend their whole lives spelling it out to others. Some studies have shown that kids with more common names enjoyed better career prospects in the future including promotions and job opportunities.

2. Seek inspiration from all around

You can start with your ancestry and see if any name catches your fancy. This way, you will be securing your legacy while deciding upon a name that is both beautiful and significant. Also, look into the cultural histories of countries across the world. You will never know where you will find a beautiful name (could be Russian, African, or Latin for that matter) that is almost poetic and very meaningful. Classic names always stand the test of time and evoke respectful intrigue.

3. Think about all possible nicknames

Kids can be quite imaginative and mean as well. When you pick a name, think about all the possible nicknames that will be derived from it. Think like a kid, a middle schooler, and a teenager. It would be a great idea for you to come up with a name that has a default nickname (something like Becky for Rebecca) so that other kids don’t feel the need to come up with names on their own. Remember, nicknames tend to stick around, so give this one much thought.

4. Initials and middle names are equally important

It is not just about the first name. Middle names should be more than words that just rhyme nicely with the first and last names. Since it will not be commonly used, you can take this as an opportunity to order a family tradition. Have a sweet great grandpa or aunt you wish to honor (or are obliged to)? Middle names are a good way to incorporate a significant name, even if slightly boring while keeping them out of plain and obvious sight. Even more important are the initials. Spell them out individually to make sure they don’t sound weird as such.

5. Say the name out loud

This is very important. Easily the most important part about naming your child is to be fair. Say it aloud enough times and pronounce it in different ways just to be sure that you have made the best decision. Also, it would be nice if the whole name has a great flow to it. Another important thing to consider is whether their names are associated with anything controversial. Saying it aloud can help you determine if the name sounds familiar, for any wrong reason.

top 50 baby names

Naming your baby is important but don’t stress much about it. There are other pressing issues you need to deal with during your pregnancy. While names are indeed almost permanent, you can always adapt clever nicknames that help you mitigate any potential damage. So relax and have fun with the process.