vinegar during pregnancy

Is it safe to use vinegar during pregnancy?

Your life is turned upside down once you become pregnant, and eating can become quite a stressful affair. Most of the time, we are worried that we might not be eating the right kind of food or eating too less of the right foods. This concern spans our staple foods, the non-staple foods, and even the condiments we use regularly in our foods. Frankly speaking, some of the condiments are quite necessary to regular cooking, and finding an alternative can become difficult. Vinegar is one such item that is used in a variety of dishes, not just regular but also non-staple. Besides, vinegar is used not just in the kitchen, but also as a cleaning agent. So, it does become a tad difficult to carry on with everyday cooking and cleaning while you are worrying about whether you should use vinegar while pregnant.

vinegar during pregnancy

Yes, in moderation

To put your mind at rest, there is no reason why you should not be using vinegar while pregnant. It is actually quite safe to consume and use vinegar during those nine months. Of course, you need to acknowledge the fact that like everything else, your contact with vinegar should also be limited. Now there are no definite limits set to the amount of vinegar you can consume during pregnancy, so it is best to be safe and use a very limited amount. The best course of action, of course, is to speak to your doctor about it.

Benefits of vinegar

In fact, there are actually some benefits associated with having a dash of vinegar with your foods during pregnancy.

  • Prevents morning sickness: Morning sickness is widely prevalent during pregnancy, and you are most likely to suffer from it during your first trimester. Despite the name, it can actually strike at any hour of the day, and you can battle it by taking a few drops of the solution every morning. Mix it with a cup of water as the raw mixture can have a very strong taste.
  • Helps absorb calcium: You will need a lot of calcium during those nine months as your bones will need to be stronger to carry the extra weight. Vinegar can help in this. Take cooked bones pieces and soak them in apple cider vinegar for some time. The vinegar will loosen the bones and help release more calcium into the mixture. This will help you get stronger bones and also help in the better formation of a healthy bone structure in your developing baby.
  • Better health: Vinegar also helps in bettering your overall health during pregnancy. Your immunity system takes a hit when you become pregnant, and oxidative stress causes damage to the cells by releasing free radicals. Vinegar is an excellent source of antioxidants which help in restricting the release of free radicals, thus being good for your overall health which should stay in top form during pregnancy.

Vinegar is acidic, so having large amounts might cause digestive distress. It is also advisable to never have vinegar in raw form. Drizzle a bit on your salads, or cook your meats with a little bit of the solution. Vinegar can also be a good alternative to chemical detergents, which can be harmful during pregnancy.